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Night Song

His fingers drifted gently over the warmth of her skin. He craved its warmth, almost as much as he missed the sun.

"What are you thinking about, Orion?"

He watched her silently for a long moment. His gaze traveled slowly over her body, stretched out beside him. When he looked back into her eyes, he felt the pull within them, drawing him into her. Closing his own, he focused on the steady rhythm of her heart. "You. Us. How long will this continue?"

"I think you want the answer to too many questions tonight." Reaching up, her fingers tangled in his ebony curls, drawing his head slowly to her. His voice became silent to the sweet warmth of her lips teasingly brushing over his. When her lips parted to him, he tasted the hot heat of her mouth. A soft growl pulsed in his throat in reaction. To a creature of darkness, such as himself, she was the living embodiment of what he wanted most. The fragility of her life scented her blood, and he deliberately drew in a breath, breaking from their kiss. He'd memorized her delicate features when she had first come to him, and he never tired of watching her.

Again, the radiating warmth of her skin drew his touch. Slowly, his fingers caressed the velvet hollow between her breasts, and trailed upward, circling the darker pink nub. The soft gasp of her breath catching in her throat, made him smile.

"If you keep distracting me, we won't be doing much talking." Smiling wickedly back at him, her hand lifted to his cheek, caressing the coolness of his skin.

"Perhaps tonight, I don't want to waste our time together talking." Lowering his head, the coolness of his mouth covered her nipple, tugging gently at it. His hand traveled downward over the tightening muscles of her stomach, and came to rest between her legs. Her hips arched towards his hand as his fingers slid between the folds. Tonight he wanted to hear her cry out to him, in the pleasure only he could give her.

"Orion," she whispered, the sound of his name within the soft moan that escaped her. More intent on her pleasure, the slow glide of his fingers stroked against the wet warmness, making her body tremble with the increasingly exquisite sensations. Biting gently at her breast, he released her nipple. A soft trail of kisses scattered down her skin before his mouth replaced his hand. His tongue tasted at the intimate heat of her body, teasing across her clit. Slowly, he slipped two fingers inside her and felt the tightening of her muscles around them. With a deft motion, he found her most sensitive spot, gently rubbing over it until he heard her cry out his name, her body shuddering with her release. Hearing her cry brought a shiver to his own body. He slowed the movement inside her and the hungry flick of his tongue. As he lifted his head, he withdrew his hand and gathered her into his arms. He knew there would be little time for anything more.

He woke from the dream to the darkness of his own chamber, alone. Tonight, just as every night before, he climbed out of his bed to prepare himself to search for her. Each night the pain of trying to find her seemed to grow greater.

His quiet voice echoed in the silence of the empty room. "Forever, my love. I will search for you forever."

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