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The Letter

by St. Germain

You know I'm here; why do you ignore me? Each passing second brings you closer to me. Did you think you could hide from me forever?

Some think I am a crazed lunatic, but truly I stalk no one. They always come to me. You've had so many moments you've missed seeing me just by a split second. Like the time you were held up at that red light. I could hear you cursing it from where I was standing. Yes, I was that close to you.

Do you remember when that annoying phone call stopped you from rushing out the door like you wanted? And the time the sight of the cop, waiting by the side of the road, made you slow down. You never knew, but they saved your life. They kept you from me.

Fortunately, for you, you were delayed long enough in those few moments to avoid my plans for you. So many moments in your life, you barely managed to escape me. The list is too long for me to go into, but it is time for you to know how things are.

I watch you, very closely. Each day that passes, you are never far from my sight. I know you've felt me, and I know you fear me.

I've been near you so many times before, yet you donít see me. Some of your most intimate moments were shared with me, and you never knew. I could have had you. It would have been so easy.

Those moments you risked yourself in stupidity, without a thought that somebody might be watching you. Oh, but I am and I see far more of you than you could ever comprehend.

Some might call me a sexless monster, but that is far from the truth. I wait patiently for the time when your body feels my touch, caressing every part of you as I take you. You do belong to me. I can see the disbelief on your face even as I write this, and you wish to argue. I expect that.

You have yet to realize that each passing moment brings you closer to me. To the moment when you feel the sweet touch of my hand as I lovingly stroke every inch of your naked flesh. Nothing of you will be hidden from me. Every part of your mind, body, heart, and soul is mine. Everything you feel will be at my hand, and mine alone. I am the only one who knows your deepest desires and needs.

You have to understand that no matter how hard you try, someday soon you will be mine. There is no doubt of that. The only uncertainty is how long it will be before I kill you. That moment will come and no traffic light, phone call, or any other of the million and one things that could happen will stop it.

Dream of me as you sleep tonight, I will see from the shadows.

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