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Heat of Life

by St. Germain

"Jake, get back here!"

When Penny heard the yell, she turned and caught sight of her neighbor running around the corner of her fence toward the gate.

Marc's Great Dane had his paws against the metal, trying to get into Penny’s backyard. The male dog's sudden need to be in the backyard had to do with Penny's dog being in heat. The minx pranced in front of the gate before she trotted back to Penny without a care in the world.

As Marc reached Jake, Penny grabbed for Sasha's collar. Hauling the one hundred and fifty-pound Harlequin Great Dane into the house required strength, but she managed it and closed the porch door.

When Marc reappeared in his backyard, Penny gave him a rueful smile. "Sorry about that, Marc. Sasha's in heat, and I forgot about Jake." Being neighbors, they got along fairly well. Penny had covertly watched Marc Norton several times, sunbathing.

"No problem, Penny. I'll keep Jake in the front yard for the next few days. I just wanted to catch a bit of sun before I head into work," he said, smiling back.

As she walked to the fence between their yards, Penny couldn't help the slow roam of gaze eyes over the dark-haired man. In only a tight red pair of swim wear briefs, Marc's bronzed skin stretched over sleekly defined muscles. Penny couldn't figure out just how more tanned Marc wanted to get. As he made his way to the a lounge chair, Marc seemed unaware of Penny's intent study.

"I was just about to head into the pool. Feel like cooling off? You can join me if you want." The invitation suddenly popped out of Penny's mouth before she could stop it.

When Marc turned his head to eye her, Penny felt the impact of the startling blue eyes somewhere in the region below her stomach.

"I'd love to. I just have to remember that I have to meet with Red Haven by noon."

"I've heard them play before. They're pretty good," Penny commented. Of course, she'd heard of them, and she knew Marc managed the band. Their names had come crossed her desk a few times in her work for the recording company, Black Swan. She knew her boss, Ross Jennings, planned to meet the group today at two to talk about a contact.

"I've got a lot of faith in them. Did you hear them the other night at Ben's?" He crossed his yard to his gate, walked down the alley to hers, and opened it.

"Yeah, I did. I saw you there. You seemed a bit busy." Penny descended the steps into the pool. Cool water chilled her overheated skin, making her shiver. Marc watched silently as he approached the pool.

Penny saw the faint appreciative smile flit over her neighbor's lips. She wore the revealing sea green one piece because she liked it. The curves of Penny's body were a bit plump, and she knew she could stand to lose some weight, but it didn’t appear to bother Marc.

"I was running around like a lunatic that night, Penny. Next time just say hi to me." Right behind Penny, Marc inched his way into the cool water before quickly submerging beneath it. When he came up, he wiped the wet hair from his face.

Penny reached out to brush a stray strand of the coal-black hair from his forehead. It took her a moment to realize what she’d done before she jerked her hand back. She had no business touching the poor man just because she wanted to.

With a chuckle, Marc said, "It gets in the way, and it's a pain in the ass to take care of." He took hold of a lock of Penny’s shorter hair and tugged. It was clear Marc had taken no offence to the touch.

After they both enjoyed a few leisurely laps across the pool, Marc had to get ready for his meeting. Penny watched him as he got out of the water. Diamond droplets glistened on his skin, drawing attention to the flesh that Penny wanted to taste. Shaking her head at her wayward thoughts, she said, "Good luck with Jennings. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you."

"Thanks, Penny, I appreciate that." He gave her a warm smile before he headed back to his house.

When Penny answered the knock at her door, she saw Marc on her front porch.

"Just thought I'd stop and tell you, Penny. Red Haven signed with Black Swan. We got the contract."

The barely subdued excitement in his voice made Penny smile. "Congratulations, Marc. You want to come in for a drink to celebrate?"

Stepping aside, she held the door open. After Marc entered, she shut the door.

"I think I'm a little too overexcited. The guys put a lot of hard work into this, and it's great to finally have them recognized."

"I don't blame you for being excited. I would be too, in your shoes. Come into the living room and get comfortable." Penny went to the small bar. Since she already knew her neighbor had a liking for whiskey, she opened the bottle of Seagram Seven and poured them both a measure.

Drinks in hand, she moved to the couch he’d sat on and settled on the other side.

He grinned as she handed him a glass. "Thanks for celebrating with me, Penny. I'm in the mood for a little revelry but not by myself."

"No problem, Marc. I understand how exciting it is to get a contract for Red Haven. They're a talented band, and I think Ross made a wise choice."

"Cassie didn’t think I was backing the right horse, but I knew I was." Marc spoke without thought, then winced.

Since Penny worked with Cassie, she also knew Cassie had broken up with Marc several months earlier, but she didn't say anything to the comment. Penny had heard their big argument that night while she lay in bed. It probably would have been politer to get up and close her bedroom window, but she'd been too tired to move.

Cassie had had a shit fit because she didn't like how much time Marc spent to promote a band Cassie thought wasn't worth it. Marc told Cassie to stop bitching at him. Cassie stormed out of the house, and they hadn't seen each other since. At the time, Penny sympathized with Marc. She'd listened to Cassie bitch a few times at work about how much time Marc wasn't spending with her. Penny hadn't said anything, and still wouldn't, because she wasn't about to get into the middle of that one.

Glass held up in toast, Penny said, "To the billion-dollar success of Red Haven. May they reign long in their fan's hearts and in the accounting journals."

"A beautiful sentiment, Penny, and I thank you for the wishes." Marc tapped his glass to hers in toast.

The burn stung at Penny's throat for a moment as she drained the glass. It took her a second to speak. "You're most welcome, Marc. If we're going to do any more toasting, I'm adding some 7-Up to the next glass."

"I'll get it." He’d been to her house a few times for the company parties she threw for Black Swan. He grabbed a few sodas from the fridge behind the bar, got the bottle, and returned to his seat.

Taking one of the sodas, Penny opened it, pouring some into her glass as the bottle was set between them. When they reached for the bottle at the same time, Penny felt a caress to her hand before Marc pulled back, laughing.

"You go ahead." Marc waited for Penny to pour her own.

Penny got the feeling her neighbor was flirting with her, but she was uncertain if it was wishful thinking on her part or not. Smiling, she opened the bottle of whiskey to add some to her glass, then handed the bottle to him. Once they had their drinks, Marc lifted his in toast.

"Live long and prosper."

"You couldn't think of a better toast than Spock?" she asked with a laugh.

"I never was much good at toasting."

When she heard a yelp from the back yard, Penny jumped up and went to the French doors to see what was wrong with Sasha. The moment she saw Sasha and Jake tied together; she set her drink on the stand. "Oh, shit."

Hearing her, Marc put his drink down as well and stood to join Penny as she dashed outside. The sight of the two dogs locked together, tail to tail, made Marc rush over to try to calm the female dog. "Sasha hasn't been bred before has she?"

"No, she hasn't."

"You hold Sasha still, and I'll keep Jake calm. They'll unlock in a few minutes." Marc sounded like he knew what he was talking about. Penny crouched in front of her dog, trying to hold her still. Both did their best to keep the dogs quiet.

It wasn't long before the dogs were freed, and Marc dragged Jake to his house. Once Sasha was back in the house, Penny picked up her drink and downed the contents.

A few moments later, Marc returned. "Okay, I'm not sure whether to apologize for that or offer to print out the flyers for puppies for sale." Marc gave her an apologetic grimace.

A rueful smile curved Penny's lips. "I have the feeling, I'll need more help finding homes for any offspring."

When he’d poured himself another drink, Marc raised the glass in toast. "Here's to the successful completion of our new mission to find homes for pups not yet born."

As Marc sat on the couch, he settled closer to Penny. A dark blue gaze held hers, and Penny tried to suppress a shiver with little success. To cover the response, she made herself another drink. It felt as if Marc could see into her soul, and she prayed her features didn‘t reveal too much. The faint smile on Marc's lips drew a half smile from her before she nervously cleared her throat.

Relaxing into the cushions, Penny tipped her head back, closing her eyes. When she felt the soft touch of Marc's hand on her thigh, a gasp escaped her. Her legs parted, and the short skirt she wore hiked even further, revealing the silk red panties beneath. Eyes open, she stared mutely at Marc.

Marc lowered his eyes as his fingers ran lightly across Penny's inner thigh. "I wasn't mistaken. You are interested in me, Penny."

All Penny could do was nod; the feel of those wonderful fingers, so close to the edge of her panties, played havoc with her senses. Marc leaned closer, gaze steady on Penny's.

With the touch of Marc's lips, Penny opened to him. A whimper of sound rose in her throat, and the dart of her tongue caught the flavor of whiskey clinging to Marc's skin.

Marc's lips molded to hers as his tongue delved between Penny's lips. At first, the kiss was a leisurely exploration until Penny felt Marc's fingers inch beneath her panties. A teasing probe of his finger grazed over her clit and sent a shower of sensation through Penny. She nudged against Marc's hand in immediate reaction as she tasted hungrily at his mouth. Lowering her hand, she covered Marc's, pressing it tightly against her as her body shuddered.

When he drew back, Marc murmured, "I've wanted to taste you for a long time, Penny."

He withdrew the hand from beneath Penny's panties and lifted it. As she watched Marc insert his fingers into his mouth, a quicksilver reaction went through Penny. With little effort, Marc tugged her tank top upward over her head. She helped him remove her bra and skirt, and they joined the top on the floor. Clad only in her panties, Penny was acutely aware of the slide of Marc's gaze over her body.

Both Marc's hands returned to Penny's body, smoothing over her thighs as he slid from the couch and knelt between her legs.

Penny couldn‘t help but whisper, "I've had dreams of this, Marc."

As Marc pulled down the waistband of her panties, Penny's raised her hips to let Marc remove the last barrier of clothing. Smooth, shaved skin greeted Marc's view as his eyes lowered over Penny. "You and I both, Penny."

The next sensation sent tension zinging through her as Marc opened her and his tongue teased with agonizing lightness over her clit. Penny tangled her fingers in the strands of his hair as she scooted lower to press harder to Marc's mouth.

The slow back and forth flick of his tongue hiked her desire, and several soft moans escaped Penny. The fact she was totally naked in front of Marc and being eaten by him, kept her body at a higher erotic peak, craving her own release.

As Marc deliberately teased her, Penny was held at an edge of desperation, and she began to squirm in need. When Marc slipped two fingers inside her, she cried out, "Please Marc, I'm almost there. Please."

Looking down, Penny met the darkened blue gaze with a glazed look of need. The friction inside her added a near unbearable urge as she felt the edges of Marc's teeth biting the delicate skin. A quick sharp release took over. It rocked through her body, leaving her shaking as a harder spasm rippled through her. She shuddered uncontrollably with the intensity of pleasure that sent her reeling.

The pressure of Marc's tongue and hand eased, leaving Penny in the warmth of her own orgasm. Marc straightened to take another kiss. The musky taste of her own flavor mingled with the tartness of the whiskey as Penny's tongue stroked over Marc's.

The need for air pulled them apart. Penny gave Marc a steady look as she said, "I think I want more than just a chance encounter, Marc. I've been watching you for quite a long time, and one taste isn't going to be enough."

Marc's soft murmur answered her. "We have the same idea, Penny. This isn't going to be enough, and I already know that."

Penny was still hungry for more, and she wanted to give Marc what she’d received. Hopefully, it would be a long night between them. And if Penny was really lucky, it would be only one night of many.

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