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A Not So Perfect Eternity

by St. Germain

"Alan, did the new shipment come in?" Jeremy leaned against the counter of the bar as he questioned his bartender.

"Sure did, boss."

"Make sure it's unpacked before you leave for the night. And if Short is late on the next shipment, send our order to Dunn." Running the club brought in a lot of money, and he wanted to keep it that way. When Alan nodded, he turned to relax against the counter.

The place was packed tonight. The darkly, carnal atmosphere he'd purposely created, attracted vampires and mortals alike. Though very few mortals knew about the dark creatures who watched them hungrily. As long as his kind followed the rules, Jeremy gave them free reign on choice of feeding. They could only take as much as they needed though; the human left with no more than the pleasant memory of being fucked. Any who disobeyed the rules found themselves severely punished or banned from the bar.

He turned his attention to the dance floor and spotted his young, mortal lover dancing between two others. As he watched the graceful, erotic sway of the shapely form, he had to smile. The sensuous movement of her body became more seductive when Anna noticed him. His gaze swept slowly over the tight, black jeans that encased her, reveling in a familiar twinge of lust. The bright lights above her head shone down on the auburn haired woman and held his rapt interest. He never tired of watching Anna, knowing the special show on the dance floor was just for him. There were others around Anna, their bodies lost in the frenetic beat of the music, but Jeremy paid little attention to them. They didn't interest him.

When the music ended, Anna left the dance floor. She approached him, and once she was close enough; she nudged up against his side. There was a distinct intensity to her features. Her gaze held his, and it felt like drowning in a warm pool. Arm around her shoulders, he hugged her tighter. The movement made Jeremy acutely aware of the warmth of her body, even through the material of their clothing. A slow, unneeded breath filled his senses with the heated scent of her blood.

"I think just about everybody has fed tonight, Jeremy. Except me." The comment was a reference to the special back rooms of the club being full. The last two words were a less than a subtle reminder because Jeremy had yet to feed her. He allowed no one to feed in the public area; a very strict rule. The image he'd built for the club contained the promise of forbidden pleasures in the darkness of those back rooms. It lured people there and had since he opened the place two years ago. A lot of people left with the memory of the wildest sex they'd ever had, and his vampires had a safe feeding ground.

"After we retire tonight, I will take care of you, my hungry little ghoul." He pressed a kiss to the lips upturned to his. A tingling sensation ghosted over his skin for a brief moment before he pulled back.

He'd started feeding Anna a few months after he'd taken her to his bed, and she'd been with him for almost 2 years. Not a great length of time to his own 350 years, but Anna managed to hold his attention like none. Even Jeremy couldn't understand what bound them so closely together. He would catch a fleeting glimpse, during those moments her body entwined with his, but the full comprehension eluded him.

“More than feeding tonight.” Her husky whisper sounded next to his ear. The prospect brought a smoldering quality to her eyes. She slipped from underneath his arm, then moved to stand in front of him, body resting to his. "I won't let you forget, Jeremy." A mischievous smile curved her lips as he chuckled.

He tilted his head just enough to display the line of his throat. "Or you could take me to one of the back rooms."

Her gaze dropped to his neck, and Jeremy heard the throb of her pulse speed up as she watched him. The changing darkness on her expression fascinated him. In those eyes, he saw and felt her hunger for him.

A light kiss to the fluttering pulse at her throat drew a shiver from her as she leaned against him. They were both enthralled with each other, the knowledge shared between them within the mental connection between their minds.

"You know very well if you feed from me, I won’t be able to feed you." Jeremy could only feed from her every other night. Too much from Anna would leave her weak, and Jeremy didn't want that. Thankfully, at his age, his requirements for blood weren't as heavy as a young vampire. He also fed Anna once a week, but rarely on the same night he drank from her. The times when they fed from one another, while they were entangled in each other's arms, Jeremy made sure he took only as much as she did.

"I can wait on that."

"And I won’t let you go hungry, Anna."

A moue of disappointment pursed her lips at the answer. "Oh, all right, Jeremy. I suppose I can wait another night."

"Glad you see it my way."

"I have to go help Buddy anyway. So I'll back in a few hours."

"Make sure you return before the club closes, Anna. I'm not planning on being out all night if Buddy gets himself into trouble again. The last time I bailed his ass out of jail.” If his secretary, Cain, couldn't get a better handle on his ghoul, Jeremy would step in again. Buddy already had enough run-ins with the police. Much more and he’d be a serious liability.

"Nah, he won't get in trouble this time. We're just moving his roommate's things. That's all." She gave him a quick hug.

After he returned the hug, he let her go. Jeremy watched the seductive motion of her body as she headed for the front door. No doubt about it, he couldn't get enough of her.

Turning back to the bar, he reached for the whiskey Alan had left. He downed it and gestured for another. Not that alcohol would have much effect, but he enjoyed the smooth taste.

Alan set another in front of him and said, "A few bottles of the good stuff arrived, Jeremy. At least, this time Short remembered. The delivery guy brought in 7 of them."

"Thanks for letting me know, Alan. I'll take one of the bottles upstairs with me later." Absinth was one of the few alcohols that provided a kick for vampires. Short screwed up the last order when he forgot to include them. The touch of a hand on Jeremy’ shoulder made him turn around.

"Hey, Jeremy. In the mood for some company?" A pair of familiar green eyes ran over Jeremy before returning to his face, a tinge of lust sparked in their depths.

Somehow he wasn't surprised to see Helen staring at him so hungrily. He'd known the young blonde had her own interest in him, but up until now, she'd never openly revealed it. Jeremy had a few clues as to why she was, very little happened in his club he didn't know about. People tended to forget sometimes.

"If you feel like joining me." He shrugged slightly. "Enjoying yourself tonight?"

"Not as much as I would like to." With deliberation, she moved close enough to brush against him.

The youthful face and well-proportioned body had an appeal all their own. She wore a white silk shirt tucked into a tight black leather skirt. The clothing both hinted at and defined the form under them.

Alan watched in silence before he wandered away to attend to his duties. It didn't pay to be too interested in the boss's dealings.

"Playing with fire, Helen? That's a very bad habit to acquire." He spoke in silkily soft voice, then caught at Helen's arm as she lifted it, curling his fingers around it.

"How about a dance, Jeremy?" Her hand moved to the waistband of his pants, hooking the material to bring him closer to her. The intimate touch outlined his cock through the fabric of his pants. Several of the vampire patrons covertly watched them, highly diverted.

"Is a dance all you want?" As he raised his hand, Jeremy twined the length of one of her curls around his finger, watching the gold glints in the light. Other than that small touch to her hair, he remained motionless. He knew the game she played, and it was one that would get her burned.

"No, but it's a chance to show everything I do want."

They moved to the dance floor, then stopped near the fringes of the crowd. She turned to him, sliding her arms around his neck. As she danced to the slow rhythm of the music, her body ground to his. Jeremy rested his hands on her hips; the edges of his nails dug into her. This tempting morsel could affect him, and he enjoyed the pleasurable friction. Nothing was said between them. He watched the arousal soften her face, and her hand inched up into his hair to draw Jeremy closer to her.

"Take me upstairs, Jeremy," Helen whispered softly. A quick flick of her tongue left a wet warmth just beneath his ear. With a slight turn of his head, Jeremy kissed the delicate line of her throat. He let the tips of his fangs scratch her, though didn't break the skin, and her body shuddered in reaction. The behavior and response amused Jeremy to no end. Every action was patently fake. Without a word spoken, he drew away from her, took her hand and drew her to the back hall that led to the upstairs apartment.


What she’d told Jeremy wasn't exactly true, since she had no plans of leaving the club. She had known Helen would be there. Even though she’d been somewhat nervous about the plan they had concocted, she really wanted to know if her lover would cheat.

Behind the two-way mirror in front of the dance floor, Anna saw it all, unable to look away. Tears burned behind her eyes as she watched in disbelief. Even though she had set it up, pain still constricted at her heart as she watched her vampire lover with Helen.

She'd been listening to everybody for the last few months, to the point she'd gotten mad enough to agree to go ahead with the outrageous scheme. At first, she thought it wouldn't be a good idea, but Helen had convinced her. It was the only way to be sure of Jeremy. Over the last few months, everybody had tried to warm her. Everyone predicted it wouldn't be long before Jeremy replaced her. Anna believed in her heart Jeremy wouldn't do something like that, and Jeremy would flatly turn down Helen's offer. God, it had been a stupid idea, and all she could feel was the pain of betrayal.

Angrily, she opened the door leading to the bar, then slammed it behind her. The noise caught the attention of a few of the vampires. None of them missed the sight of the club's owner and Helen dancing. Contemptuous smiles creased their lips as they watched Anna stalk to the bar. Many of those present were delighted to be witnesses at what they perceived to be the downfall of Jeremy's favorite. The length of time she had held Jeremy’s interest was no small matter of envy to those who hadn't kept it very long.

Anna ignored the gazes pinned on her as she sat heavily on one of the bar stools. Shaking his head, Alan walked over to her and set a glass of vodka in front of Anna.

The sounds of the bar faded. Anna stared at Alan, watching him move away. She really didn’t see the bartender; she saw the vivid images flashing in her mind. The picture of her friend's fingers, in her lover's black hair; the sight of Jeremy's head bending to Helen’s. Tears stung at her eyes as she picked up the drink, downing it.

When she felt the weight of a hand on her shoulder, she didn't even bother looking at whoever it was.

"Well, well, well. Anna has fallen from favored status. It's happen to all of us, kid. It was bound to happen to you sooner or later too."

The sight of Kevin's smirking features greeted her when she glanced up. The black urge to hit Kevin descended over her. She knew the other vampire had only enjoyed a week of Jeremy's attention, and Kevin wanted to rub things in. Gritting her teeth, Anna pushed down the sudden compulsion. A fight in the club would be a bad idea. She seemed to have a lot of those lately.

"Don't worry, love. I'll be more than happy to take over your feeding."

Anna ignored Kevin as Alan poured her another vodka. When she downed it just as quickly as the first, Alan set the bottle in front of her.

"We did try to tell you. All of us knew it would happen." Kevin appeared to be taking great pleasure in rubbing salt into the wound.

For a quite a while, everybody had tried to tell her, Jeremy would lose interest. They were laying bets on it. She’d wanted to prove them wrong.

"So fucking what, Kevin. It's not the end of the world." It took every ounce of will Anna possessed to remain seated, acting so casual. Her thoughts screamed at her to run away. She couldn't though; the blood tie bound her more effectively than any prison could. A headlong flight into the night would only compound her stupidity. Stark images of Helen and Jeremy played in her mind, and Anna fought to keep the pain from showing. She’d been so stupid to set that up and only now did she realize it. The grip on her glass tightened, threatening to shatter it before she felt Kevin's hand touch to hers.


No more than an hour had passed when Jeremy descended the back stairs, returning to the bar. It didn’t take him long to spot Anna and Kevin at the bar. The vultures were already circling for the pickings from a bad situation. Eyes followed him, but nobody spoke to him as he made his way to the bar and stood behind Kevin.

When his hand landed on Kevin’s shoulder, the vampire turned with an angry expression that faded at the sight of Jeremy. A look from Jeremy was enough to make Kevin slide sideways, out from under his hand. The younger vampire melted swiftly back into the crowd. In the next instant, he took hold of Anna’s arm before she could see him and stalk off.

Whirling around with a snarl, she growled. "Let go of me, Jeremy."

"You're the one that set me up, Anna. Or have you forgotten? Helen told me before she left." It didn't please him to be tested in that way, and his ghoul was about to find out just how displeased he felt.

"And you're the one that took her upstairs."

"That I did."

Jeremy pulled her with him to the back office. The rest of what they had to say didn't need any more ears listening. They'd already attracted enough attention. Several vampires were intently interested in the fight between the club owner's and his girlfriend. No doubt it would keep the rumor mill happily supplied for the next couple of nights.

Once they were in his office, Jeremy shut and locked the door. It was an easy task to activate the ward guarding the door to ensure nobody could eavesdrop.

"You bastard! How could you do that?" Anna yelled as tears began to form in her eyes. In an angry gesture, she brushed away the wetness.

A preternatural stillness encompassed Jeremy. "You forget, Anna. I do as I please. And--." He lowered to a silky purr and continued, "I do whatever I want to you as well. You belong to me."

"You’re so full of shit, Jeremy. I thought you loved me." The pain behind the words was very real. Pissed off, she turned her back on him.

"But I do love you, Anna. You seem to have forgotten that, along with everything else." He'd known before he left the bar with Helen, that it was a test on Anna's part. No, he wasn’t happy about it.

"Nothing happened with Helen, Anna. We did no more than talk. When I took Helen upstairs, I had absolutely no intention of fucking her, and I didn't.” No, he wanted every part of the woman in front of her. The one every inch of him craved.

"Helen hoped to take your place. I made sure she'll never make the mistake of interfering between me and you again. That’s why I took her upstairs, then I sent her home." Jeremy also knew Helen had set Anna up. Helen had thought he would be angry at Anna, and Helen could step into the breach. She'd admitted to it before he sent her home.

He added roughly, "Never test me again, Anna. If I desire someone else, you’ll be the first to one to know. I would never go behind your back. While I understand how the rumor mongers played a part in what you did, don’t let them rule you again."

"I don’t plan on it, Jeremy."

Mind connected to Anna’s, he felt her sharp relief. As he pulled away; she spun around, wrapping her arms around him. “I’m sorry, Jeremy. I listened to everybody telling me you were going to dump me. I was stupid.”

“I will take care of them, Anna.” A spurt of anger rose over the malicious behavior, and he planned on taking it out on the worst of the lot. Jeremy and Anna were both at fault, and he wasn’t upset with her. Nor could he detect any more anger in her. “I’m sorry as well for not taking care of it sooner.”

He knew she didn't want him to let go. The demanding tenor of her thoughts reached out for him, and Jeremy answered with his own need. As his lips met hers, their overwhelming need equally matched.

Lifting her, he cradled her in his arms, and ascended the stairs to the apartment. The door opened for automatically. After he carried her inside, Jeremy kicked it shut with his foot. It would be a long while before either of them returned downstairs.

It would ever be thus between them.

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