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Part One

The small scrape of sound made Stefan Dag jump, and it wasnít until he realized it was his own shovel hitting the stone wall that he relaxed. He had extremely good reason to be nervous, robbing the ancient tombs of Proteria was a severely punishable offense. The magical ball that followed him bathed the old walls and their murals in flickers of light. Once brightly colored, they were now dull with dust and decay.

The beautifully painted work depicted an era long gone--men and women reclined at their leisure at what seemed to be a ritualized killing. The victim was portrayed hanging from his heels, suspended by rope. Blood poured from a cut in his throat, and his head was tied back in such a way that the blood dripped straight into a large bowl beneath. Other people drank from the bowl.

As Stefan progressed further down the corridor, the scenes grew more brutal and sadistic. No doubt about it, the ancients were a blood-thirsty lot. The good thing was: only the rich had magnificent places like this, and he'd obviously stumbled onto an undiscovered tomb. The realization sent a thrill through Stefan. When he came to the first open archway, he peered inside and his breath caught in his throat.

The walls of the chamber were painted in rich colors--reds, blues, and yellows--and many scenes depicted the daily activities of the aristocracy. People reclined on plush pillows, eating and drinking only the finest gold could buy. Servants tended to their every need and fanned them with enormous feathered fans. Even through the countless centuries, the paintings held striking detail, more than Stefan had ever seen before.

As he looked around the rest of the room, he couldn't believe his luck. As was the custom in most of Aurora today, the ancients preferred to be buried with luxuries they had enjoyed in life. This tomb was no exception. A literal army of miniature animals paraded down one wall; their gilded bodies mounted to golden pedestals. Along another wall, a line of life-size statues stood. They were painted in the same rich colors as the wall paintings, but they also bore golden details--a bracelet here, an earring there.

And finally, in the center of the room, stood a large rectangular sarcophagus; its gray stone surface carved with the figures of long-forgotten gods and goddesses. Stefan nearly forgotten to breathe. He remained frozen for the longest moment in total disbelief. Wealth beyond his wildest dreams lay all about him. The gleam of gold and vibrantly hued jewels glittered in the light of the orb that danced around the room at his command.

His attention on the stone coffin, he moved closer before he bowed toward it. He might be a tomb robber, but he still had a healthy respect for the dead, if not their property. As such, the coffin itself would remain untouched. However, a few of the items strewn here and there wouldn't be missed. He knew a few collectors who would pay well for these kinds of things, no questions asked.

He reached for one of the small bracelets laying near a large stone chest. By the pulse of light within the red stone, he knew he had his hands on a rare Death stone. As he touched it, flashes of gold seemed to spark from the stone itself. To his relief, he noted the gold coloring; it meant he had a very long life ahead of him.

The bracelet alone would pay for food and lodging for the next few years. Not that he was a greedy soul. Due to things beyond his control, he'd been labeled a pariah in his own city. The doors to having any kind of life and supporting himself were closed to him. After pocketing the bracelet in his jacket pocket, he assessed the treasure trove. Maybe one or two more pieces would set him up for life. It seemed a shame not to have this place catalogued for the history archives.

As the light flitted around the room, illuminating corners that had not seen light in many lifetimes, the brilliant beams lit golden objects and precious jewels. Just as he was about to pocket a dark-green emerald, another glimmer caught his eye.

Stefan put the emerald down to investigate the object in the corner. With only the slightest gesture of his hand, the sphere of light went to the corner to light the darkness. Stefan's brow furrowed as he reached into a small fissure. He felt around for anything that might have caused the glimmer and when his fingers touched a smooth, rounded surface, he grinned.

"Finally," he said as he pulled the object out. "Whoa."

The oval object was transparent red. At first, Stefan thought it might be glass, but upon closer inspection, he could find no evidence of artificial making. His next thought completely stunned him. Whatever this thing was; it was made by purely magical means. This one was going with him. If he was lucky maybe he could find someone well-versed in the ancients and their magic, to tell him what sort of prize he had found.

Regardless, it was something that would remind him of his one and only chance at seeing anything like this tomb. Slipping it into his pocket, he was careful to take only two more of the lesser items before he left the room behind. After he'd disposed of the bracelet, emerald and gold statue to various merchants, he wanted to try to find somebody who might know about the unusual orb he'd found.

Given that he was marked by the small black tattoo on his right cheek, he had to avoid Light City. Thankfully, there were other regions that wouldn't view the mark quite as seriously. Lost in thought, he made his way back down the corridor and out the main entry. Wriggling through the fissure in the rocks, there was barely room for his body, and it took him a few moments to get out.

Part Two

Having his pocket lined with gold gave Stefan a good feeling, and he'd picked up a few rumors as to who might help him identify the one item he'd kept. Finding The Goblin and the Jackal proved to be no problem. The bar was filled with over boisterous patrons. Stefan's cloak concealed him in shadows, and he glanced around cautiously, looking for the one called Kerran Ramsey. The description he'd been given was of a man who would be hard to miss. It took only a few seconds to spot the dark auburn hair, and he knew he had his man. Even though Ramsey's back was to him, the man was damn hard to miss. Stefanís informant had been right about that. Stefan made his way through the crowd toward the bar and his target.


When the man turned slowly to face him, Stefan caught sight of the most unusual coloring in a pair of eyes that he had ever seen. The hue seemed to be dark molten silver, certainly not gray. Grey wouldíve been too dull of a way to describe them. Ramsey's expression held a touch of arrogance as he gave Stefan one of those 'who the hell are you' glances. Ramseyís strongly chiseled features were guaranteed to get him attention even without the unusual eyes.

He was staring and knew it. Stefan cleared his throat before he said, "I was told you might be able to help me identify something I recently came across."

Ramsey eyed Stefan with little trust before he motioned to the seat across from him. "Sit."

Stefan swallowed hard, unsure what to make of the one word that was spoken almost as a command. Nevertheless, he moved around the table and sat down. It was then that he got the full effect of Kerran Ramsey's features. For all intents and purposes, the man could have posed as a likeness for any number of Aurora's ancient gods. Ramsey lifted his hand, and a young barmaid appeared at his side almost instantly.

"The usual, Mr. Ramsey?" she asked. Ramsey's only response was a curt nod. Then the young woman looked to Stefan. "And for you, sir?"

It took a full ten seconds for Stefan to find his voice and pull his gaze from Ramsey, but not before he caught the lift of a dark eyebrow from the man. Looking to the barmaid, Stefan said, "Mead is fine, thank you."

The young woman bustled off with a nod.

"How did you find me?"

Stefan nearly jumped at the sudden question. "I... Well, I got your name from one of the merchants. He said you would be the most likely person who could identify something for me."

Ramsey remained quiet for a moment, then nodded. "What do you have?"

Stefan waited until their drinks were set before them, and the barmaid was paid before he spoke. "This," he said, pulling the oval out of the inside of his coat just enough to let Ramsey catch a good look. He slipped it back into the inside pocket to avoid others seeing it.

"Very interesting," Ramsey said, then took a drink from his glass. "Where did you find it?"

Stefan wondered how wise it would be to tell this stranger the truth. Probably not smart at all, he guessed. "Near the Forgotten Fields, at the base of one of the larger hills." He failed to mention that he had found the object inside one of those long-forgotten hills.

"I see.Ē Ramsey looked around the tavern then back to Stefan. "Perhaps we should continue this conversation somewhere more private."

"That would be a really good idea. I have a room at the Lancarn Inn." After drinking his mead, he stood when Ramsey did. As he followed him out of the tavern, Stefan stayed quiet. He remained alert to ensure they weren't followed. Although he had no clue what he had in his hands, Stefan had the feeling it wasn't something to be flashed openly in public.

The streets were fairly deserted since most people were already safe and snug in their homes at this time of night. Neither of the men said anything as Ramsey led the way to the inn. Only when they were safely inside Stefan's room, and the door locked did Ramsey speak.

"Let me see what you have."

With care, Stefan took the orb out of his pocket and handed it to him. Ramsey cradled it in his palm, a faint smile edging at the corner of his lips.

"Now why don't you tell me exactly where you found this? And I know it wasn't at the base of any hill."

Stefan's eyes widened and he was about to protest, but then he thought better of it. "I found it inside one of the old tombs."

"I thought so, and it's better for you not to have tried to lie to me." The openly displayed distrust on his features faded slightly.

As Ramsey studied the stone, Stefan let his gaze roam over the man. He felt the tingling in the pit of his stomach, signaling his own intent interest in Ramsey for something other than identifying a trinket. His tongue darted out to lick at his suddenly dry lips. Ramsey seemed absorbed in the orb so Stefan felt free to let his imagination run wild. Stefan's gaze descended to take in the body dressed in black. Ramsey's tight pants molded to muscular thighs, and Stefan could see the ridge of his cock beneath the material. The thought alone sent fire through Stefan, and he was grateful for the cloak that concealed him. When Ramsey looked back at him, a flicker of amusement lit the silver eyes as if he were aware of Stefan's every thought.


Kerran hadnít missed the way the young thief eyed him. In truth, he certainly couldn't deny his own attraction to the daring, tomb-robbing rogue. Stefan's pale blue eyes held more within their depths than the soul of a simple thief. Even from the dark depths of Stefan's hood, the sharpness of his features was clear. Kerran could make out the edge of a mark on Stefan's right cheek, but he resisted the urge to reach out and push back the hood. Instead, his gaze moved to Stefan's lips, which seemed to beg for a kiss. It wasn't until Stefan cleared his throat that Kerran realized he had been staring, just as much as the thief had stared at him.

"So," Stefan said tentatively. "Do you know what it is?"

Kerran looked back down at the stone in his hands. "Take me there," he said quietly. He smoothed his thumb gently over the flawless surface. "Show me where you found this."

"But the journey is two days away," Stefan said. "Can't you just--"

The look that Kerran lifted to Stefan shut the thief up instantly. He took two steps forward, closing the distance between them. "Take me to the tomb," he said sternly. "Then we will discuss more."

Stone held tightly in one hand; Kerran placed his other hand flat on the wall and backed Stefan up. When Stefan could go no further, Kerran closed the distance between them, unable to resist the temptation those lips presented. The kiss he had intended was meant to be a chaste one, but when Stefan's lips parted, Kerran took full advantage of it. His tongue slid inside Stefan's mouth, and the thief's arms snaked around his waist, jerking Kerran hard against his body.

The pressing grind of their bodies sharply aroused them. Kerran's hand fell to Stefan's hip as Stefan's fingers tangled in Kerran's hair. After setting the stone on a stand, Kerran unfastened Stefan's cloak and drew the hood from his head. Lost in the kiss, the thief barely noticed.

The need for air made Kerran break off of the kiss, and he studied the lines of Stefan's face. Running his thumb lightly to the small circle branded with the letter K on Stefan's skin, Kerran said, "You have been branded for your crimes."

Stefan lowered his eyes and fixed on a point at the front of Kerran's shirt. The mark of a Kylat branded him a thief, though he'd committed no crime at the time. "No, I wasn't guilty. My brother set me up because he wanted my position with the Historian's Guild."

Gently drawing the cloak from Stefan's shoulders, Kerran laid it near the stone. His voice was soft, soothing. "It matters little to me what the citizens of Proteria label you with, Stefan."

Surprised, Stefan looked back up. Whatever he saw allowed him to relax, and he ran his fingers along the soft material of Kerran's shirt. Another kiss silenced anything Stefan might have said as Kerran took control. In no more than a moment, the rest of Stefan's clothing was removed, leaving him naked to the touch of Kerran's hands. Each touch to his flesh pulled a series of soft sounds from his throat as Kerran's mouth devoured his.

He made quick work of Stefan's pants, and with a swift tug on the laces on the front of Kerran's pants, they fell to the floor. With a sound that sounded quite like a growl, Kerran ground his body against Stefan's then. Kerran's head swam with the sensations of another hard cock sliding alongside his own.

When Kerran pulled away from their kiss, he wrapped a hand around both of their cocks. When he rocked his hips, Stefan's legs weakened. Kerran's other arm slipped around his waist, keeping Stefan on his feet as he stroked his fist over them. A series of soft, keening moans escaped Stefan.

"Please," he whispered breathlessly.

"Please what?" Kerran asked him. He angled his head down and licked a light path over Stefan's throat.

"Fuck me." Stefan shivered and wrapped his hand around Kerran's, moving it with him over their cocks. He shuddered and sucked in a quick breath. "Please, fuck me."

Kerran chuckled against Stefan's throat before moving up to his ear. He licked the curve of it and whispered, "I will taste you first." It wasn't a request, and the sound of it sent another hard shudder through Stefan's body.

Without waiting for any sort of answer, Kerran dropped to his knees and took half of Stefan's cock into his mouth. Stefan's head fell back, and he threaded his fingers through Kerran's hair to pull Kerran close.

"Oh gods..."

Stefan's hips bucked as his fingers tugged painfully in Kerran's hair. The noises he made were an entanglement of half spoken words and cries.

Staring up at him, Kerran watched the taut features of his illicit lover in the throes of release as he quickly swallowed. He gripped Stefanís hips as he licked Stefan's cock clean. Seeing that beautiful face lost in passion aroused Kerran to a harder degree, and he wanted nothing more than to bury his cock deep in the sweet ass.

Finally releasing the thief, Kerran stood and drew Stefan back with him toward the bed. The thief's ragged breathing had yet to calm, and without hesitation, Stefan walked with him.

The moment their bodies touched, Kerran turned Stefan and pushed him back onto the bed. A heated gaze traveled over Stefanís body as Kerran watched him stretch out. The part of the rogueís legs was a clear invitation.

As Kerran stared at him, Stefan wet his own fingers, then lifted his hips enough to give him access to himself. Stefan's gaze pinned Kerran as he slid a finger inside him. The instant tightening of his body sent a shiver through him. Quickly, Kerran slid onto the bed between Stefan's legs. He brushed Stefan's hand away before taking its place, and used two fingers to probe deep inside Stefan. The slightest motion made Stefan writhe against the cover.

"Oh, fuck, Kerran."

Hearing his name fall from those lips sent a shiver of sheer need through Kerran. He withdrew the fingers and hovered over Stefan. He brought his hand to his mouth, then lowered it to his cock, slicking it with saliva. It wasn't his first choice, but there was no oil to be had at the moment. Stefan drew his legs up, and Kerran rubbed the head of his cock over that tight hole before pushing inside. His breath nearly left him altogether when Stefan's eyes widened. As he buried himself deep inside Stefan's body, Kerran caught Stefan in another kiss.

Stefan's hands dropped to Kerran's ass, and he gripped him tightly, pulling Kerran harder against him. Taking the cue for what it was, Kerran withdrew and thrust back in. As his cock was quickly enveloped once more in that tight heat, Kerran grabbed Stefan's arms, pinning them to bed above Stefan's head. Only then did he speed up his thrusts inside the thief. Every stroke set Kerran's head reeling, drowning him in the exquisite feel of Stefan's body.

Kerran pulled away from Stefan's lips to watch him as he impaled the thief repeatedly on his cock. Those blue eyes were dark as the wildest storm, drawing Kerran in just as deeply as his cock was inside Stefan's body, Stefan's fingers curled to Kerran's, threading between them tightly. When Stefanís legs circled Kerran's waist, Kerran anchored himself on his knees and began a hard, fast rhythm. Before long, those stormy eyes staring up at him began to glaze over and Kerran felt Stefan's body tighten around him.

"Oh gods..." Stefan panted. "Kerran, don't stop."

"Not until you come for me," Kerran whispered gruffly. "I want to hear my name on your lips when you come." His own release was nearing, but Kerran refused to let himself go until Stefan did. It seemed his words were all it took.


Stefan gripped Kerran's hands tightly as his body arched. With several hard, quick thrusts, Kerran followed him, growling out Stefan's name as his cock pulsed deep inside Stefan's body. The rush left Kerran breathless, but he gave into the temptation of a kiss and crushed his mouth to Stefan's. It took several more minutes before either one of them stopped shaking. Kerran collapsed on top of Stefan, breathless and sated.

Very few possessed the intriguing beauty of the man beneath him. In Stefanís eyes, Kerran could see the soul beneath. He pressed against Stefan as if branding the feel of Stefan into himself.

When he opened his eyes, Stefan smiled. "I suppose I should let you go. We have a two-day journey ahead of us."

Though he was reluctant to release the thief, Kerran pulled out and moved to sit at the edge of the bed. "That means you need to get up as well, Stefan," Kerran said with a grin.

Part Three

Chuckling, Stefan sat up then got off the bed to gather his clothing. He could feel Kerran's eyes watching every movement before he disappeared into the wash room to clean up. After a quick run over with a wet cloth, Stefan stared at his reflection in the mirror. The stark mark of his tattoo reflected back to him, making him sigh quietly. The sight of it hadn't seemed to bother Kerran, for which Stefan was grateful. Looking away from himself, he slowly dressed. When he returned to the bedroom, Kerran had already dressed and was waiting for him in the chair by the door.

Stefan gave him a silent nod as Kerran stood and opened the door. They stopped long enough to return the key and let the owner know he was leaving, then Stefan let Kerran lead the way out. "How long will it take you to pack?"

"Pack? I'm ready for the trip." Kerran said with a laugh.

Stefan eyed him in confusion before they stopped in front of a black horse. After Kerran settled on the horse, he reached for Stefan, drawing him up to sit in front of him. "Stelstar will get us there as soon as you let us know where we are going. Nor is it likely to take two days."

In a lowered voice, Stefan said, "The tomb is near the Sher-par Hill. There's a small opening in the rocks about a cen from the old monument of Agpal city."

As if the horse understood, it started down the street. At first, the pace was slow among the small wagons and carts that littered the street, but then it cleared the city; Stelstar broke into a gallop. Kerran's arm wound tightly to Stefanís waist, keeping Stefan safely back against him.

The speed at which they rode took Stefan's breath away. At this rate, they would reach their destination before the next nightfall. As the land flew by in a blur, Stefan settled back against Kerran, relishing the feel of a warm, strong body against his own. His skin still tingled all over from every place that Kerran had touched him, and deeper still; he felt as if he had been branded. For the first time since hearing the merchant whisper Kerran's name; Stefan wondered just who or what Kerran was. There was never any talk of what Kerran did when he wasn't sitting in a tavern. There hadn't been time for much talk at all.

Kerran closed his eyes as he breathed in Stefan's scent. It had been entirely too long since he had felt another man, yet no one had compared to Stefan. Something about the young thief held Kerran spellbound. As they rode through the countryside, Kerran wondered at what he had felt within Stefan's gaze. It was enough to make him want to keep the rogue around, or at least for as long as Stefan allowed.

By the time they were ready to stop for a rest, a series of hills lined the horizon. With a silent thought, Kerran slowed Stelstar to a trot, and then to a walk as they neared the first of the hills. With a simple gesture from Stefan, Stelstar turned, starting down one narrow, faded trail. The path meandered between the hills, its ancient cobblestones now broken and scattered. Many ages ago, it had been one of many roads that led through the city of Agpal.

Once it was a thriving city of trade and art, now Agpal was nothing more than an outcropping of ruins littering the countryside. Statues--those that survived the passing of time--dotted the roadside, some toppled, and some broken into smaller pieces of marble. The native grasses of the land had taken over, carpeting the foundations of once-proud homes and businesses. In the distance, the pillars of the Temple of Fire towered over what been the art district of the city. The sight of it brought a wistful smile to Kerran's lips.

"There it is," Stefan said, breaking the silence.

With a nod from Kerran, Stelstar picked his way carefully through rubble and green overgrowth. The sun was already high in the sky, bathing the fallen stones of the once great city in golden light. As the horse stilled, Stefan slid off its back to stretch his sore, cramped muscles. Right behind him, Kerran opened his pack and drew out a thickly padded blanket. From the small space in the pack and the size of the blanket, Stefan figured the pack itself was magically imbued.

"What else do you have in there?"

"You might be surprised."

With a chuckle, Kerran laid out the blanket in the grass. As he slid onto it, he gestured for Stefan to join him. The day would keep most of the creatures that inhabited the area away, for the time being. Stefan moved to the blanket and joined Kerran. At the moment, he was too tired for more than a sleepy kiss when Kerran's lip brushed over his.

Gently, Kerran drew the blanket over them as he whispered, "Go to sleep, Stefan."

For several long moments, Kerran watched him silently. He brushed the dark-brown hair back from Stefan's face as he listened to the soft, even sound of his breathing. With an acute awareness, he took in the beat of Stefan's heart. As he closed his eyes, Kerran's mind linked with Stefan's. Within the dream world, he wandered through Stefan's thoughts as his own eyes closed. His power kept them completely linked and as Kerran slept, he learned the most intimate recesses of Stefanís being.

* * *

A sudden shriek of sound startled Stefan from his sleep. His eyes flew open, and he found he was alone. Another ear-splitting sound came from somewhere above him. The sun had begun to set, and twilight made the shadows cast by the standing stones all that much more intimidating. Hurriedly, Stefan jumped up and wildly looked around. The sight of a Yrlbar, only a short distance from him, made him freeze.

The creature's massive, leathery wings were outstretched as it advanced on him. The huge gaping maw showed lines of razor-sharp teeth. Acidic saliva dripped from its mouth, and burning hisses of sound accompanied the movement of the Yrlbar as the drool dripped to the ground. The creature was known to haunt burial grounds. An encounter with one would prove deadly to any traveler unwary enough to be caught by one.

Frozen where he stood, Stefan could only count the seconds of his life ticking away. There was no way he could get out of this alive. He searched for Kerran, but when he didn't find the man, he closed his eyes and swallowed hard. Before he could resign himself to death, however, another shriek pierced the eerie silence. Stefan's eyes flew open just in time to see Kerran standing on the other side of the Yrlbar. In Kerran's right hand was a short sword, its blade glowing red in the waning light. The look on Kerran's face sent a chill through Stefan.

Kerran circled the Yrlbar slowly, never taking his gaze from it or Stefan. He had woken up shortly before and had wanted to reacquaint himself with the ruined city. It took only a flicker of panic in Stefan's mind to let Kerran know that something was horribly wrong. Now he knew what. Fingers curled to the hilt of the sword, he watched the Yrlbar closely. He hadn't seen one of these in quite some time. If he could get close enough, a single thrust to the Yrlbar's neck and a series of carefully chosen words would send it back to the abyss from which it came. The trick was: getting close.

The Yrlbar spun around without warning and lunged at Kerran. With no time to think, Kerran leapt up onto the nearest stone and jumped over the Yrlbar, driving his sword through its neck. Before he could open his mouth to say the incantation, however, the Yrlbar whirled on him, tossing Kerran off. The sword fell uselessly to the ground, leaving the insubstantial form of the creature undamaged. Kerran landed flat on his back on the ground and scrambled quickly to Stefan. Wrapping an arm around Stefan's waist, he began backing away slowly. With the sword on the other side of the Yrlbar, Kerran couldn't reach it.

"Serien, piet mi," Kerran murmured.

The moment the words fell from Kerran's lips, his pack began to glow brightly from within. He looked down at the pack, then back up at the Yrlbar, which was now only a few feet away from them. Its venomous saliva dripped onto the blanket, dissolving the fibers until there was nothing but a patch of dark earth below it. Stefan froze in Kerran's arms, and Kerran sent calming warmth to him. To keep Stefan safe, Kerran shoved the thief behind him and dove down to retrieve his pack. The Yrlbar hissed and shrieked as it lunged for Kerran.


Stefan's scream and the Yrlbar's shrieks echoed through the ruined city, and without a second to spare, Kerran pulled the stone out. It burned his hand as he held it up. Pulses of brilliant red light surrounded them, and Kerran felt the stone's power seep up his arms and into his body.

"By the power of Falon, I command you to return to the abyss!"

Before the Yrlbar could touch Kerran, its body erupted in steams of smoke. A noxious smell filled the air, making Stefan choke as he breathed in the fumes. As he stepped backward, Stefan stumbled in his footing and landed on his ass. A moment later Kerran moved through the smoke to help him up.

"How in the hell did you do that?" He wiped the tears from his eyes, looked at the stone in Kerran's hand, then at Kerran. The red light still surrounded Kerran, curling around him. Stefan stared at him in sheer amazement and confusion.

"It's a very long story, Stefan, and I want you to show me the tomb first. Then I will explain everything, I promise. Please understand that it is very important to me to know where that tomb is."

It was clear from his expression, Stefan didn't question Kerran's words; he just questioned precisely who and what Kerran was. He didn't speak; he gestured toward a far-off ring of barely visible towering stones. The stones themselves were ten times the size of a man and discernible even from their position.

Kerran whistled, and Stelstar came back to them from his grazing. After mounting the horse, Kerran pulled Stefan up to settle in front of him. He buried his face into the thick mane of dark hair for a moment, drawing a heavy breath. The reassuring scent calmed the rush that had filled him when he'd realized Stefan was in danger. The hold of his arm kept Stefan's body tightly to his own, and he felt Stefan relax back against him. This time Stelstar set a slower pace. Kerran realized in a flash of clarity, his first reaction had been a need to protect the thief.

Remaining silent, Stefan was aware of a sense of intensity in Kerran. He'd thought he was going to die and the sight of Kerran, placing himself in that kind of danger, had stunned Stefan. Seeing Kerran destroy the Yrlbar was an even more surprising sight. Stefan had so many questions, but he realized now wasn't the time to ask. Closing his eyes, he leaned his head against Kerran's as the surefooted steps of the horse led them through the ruins.

When they reached the stones, Stefan dismounted and Kerran followed him. Stefan took Kerran's hand and led him to the small opening that led into the tomb. Just before entering the passage, however, he felt a tug on his arm. He turned to see Kerran staring at a small carving. It was one that Stefan had not seen before, but from the look on Kerran's face, he guessed Kerran knew what it meant.

"Serien," Kerran whispered as he reached up to brush his fingertips over the mossy carving.

When Kerran nodded to him, Stefan led the way inside, squeezing through the corridor as best he could. For a brief moment, he wondered if Kerran could even get inside, considering he was the larger of the two of them. When Stefan looked back, however, he saw Kerran had no trouble at all. Once they reached the arch leading to the burial chamber, Kerran stopped Stefan with a hand on his shoulder.

"Wait here," Kerran said quietly.

Part Four

Stefan thought Kerra wanted to check it out for safety purposes, especially after their ordeal with the Yrlbar. Then Kerran went to the sarcophagus...and dropped to his knees. Stefan blinked several times, not quite believing--or understanding--what he saw.

"Serien," Kerran whispered. "I have found you, my lord. After all these centuries, I have found you." He reached up and touched the smooth stone of the sarcophagus.

It was then Stefan realized Kerran hadn't been referring to the god who resided there in the generic familial terms often used. He addressed the spirit in far more intimate terms.

Shock resounded through him as Stefan took the fact in. Remaining frozen where he stood, his attention riveted on Kerran. Even he could feel the quiet rustle of energy that seemed to flow through the air surrounding them. In it, there was nothing to fear, yet Stefan realized Kerran had awoken the presence of the one entombed here. On the heels of the thought, he offered a swift apology to the spirit for originally taking the ancient's possessions.

Kerran bowed his head, continuing to kneel beside the coffin. The man's expression was one of peace, and because of the overwhelming surge of power that rippled through him, Stefan imagined he looked the same. He could feel Kerran's return had been long awaited.

When he stood, he looked at Stefan, and smiled. "I don't believe my grandfather minded you took what was his. You were the first person who came within his reach, and he deliberately drew you here."

"Your grandfather?" Stefan's eyes widened as he looked back at Kerran.

"Yes." Kerran slowly nodded. "Falon is my grandfather."

Of course, Stefan knew the name of the old god. Falon ruled over the territory of Agpal millenniums past until it had been destroyed in a cataclysmic disaster. What Kerran said was a bit hard to take in. "Falon is your grandfather?"

Chuckling softly, Kerran moved toward Stefan and took hold of his hand. "Yes, he is. At the time of the Great Wars, Falon sent his family away. When I tried to return, the barrier surrounding Agpal wouldn't allow me passage. By the time the force failed, it was many years too late."

"But..." Stefan trailed, shaking his head. "But that would make you..."

"Very old," Kerran said with a chuckle. "I am an Outsider, and a devoted follower of Falon."

Stefan winced at the derogatory slang used for the family of ancients who had been outside the gates of Agpal during the wars. He opened his mouth, but nothing would come out. It explained what he had seen with the Yrlbar. Before he could even begin to find any words, Kerran's lips touched to his.

Any thoughts that might have formed quickly scattered as Stefan lost himself within that kiss. Kerran's arms encircled his waist, holding Stefan close. Kerran leaned back against the wall, and Stefan molded his body to Kerran's, slipping his arms around Kerran's neck. When Kerran pulled slowly away from their kiss, he looked down at Stefan.

"Stay with me," he said quietly. "I don't care what you've done in the past. I only know that I want you."

Stefan blinked, not quite sure if he heard Kerran right. "Are you serious?"

Kerran nodded. A slow smile spread across Stefan's lips as he slipped an arm around Kerran and walked out of the tomb.

"Does that mean I can have you whenever I want you?" he asked with a teasing smile.

When emerged from the tomb back out into the forest, Kerran stopped Stefan. It was then Stefan noticed Kerran's eyes had darkened slowly. Kerran slipped a hand between them, cupping it over Stefan's cock through his pants. "Anytime." He gave Stefan's cock a firm squeeze before pulling him into another, hungrier kiss.

The touch and kiss sent sensations flooding through Stefan. He nudged tighter against Kerranís hand, his tongue just as hungrily stroked over Kerran's. To know Kerran wanted him to stay with him gave their relationship a whole new meaning, past a one-night stand. Stefan wanted far more from this intriguing man.

Freeing himself momentarily, Stefan dropped to the ground, kneeling in front of Kerran. He unfastened Kerran's pants, and as Kerran's cock sprang free, Stefan tasted at the small bead of liquid forming at the slit before slowly circling the head with his lips. He really didn't care where they were; he wanted this moment with Kerran. His gaze lifted to the man's face, drinking in the arrested expression and the silvering of Kerranís eyes. A soft moan escaped Kerran as his hands moved quickly to Stefan's hair, tangling within the dark strands.

Pausing only briefly to wet his fingers, Stefan raised his hand, nudging between Kerran's legs. When Kerran parted his legs, Stefanís fingers ringed the outside of his hole before pushing deeply inside him. Another finger quickly joined the first and Stefan finger-fucked him as he sucked Kerran off. When insistent push of Kerran's hips buried him deeper in Stefan's mouth.

Stefan felt the deep shudder run through Kerran as he pushed back into Stefan's fingers. A half growl, half groan escaped him as the thrust of his hips repeatedly pushed his cock deeply into Stefanís mouth.


The sound of his name was no more than the softest whisper as Stefan moved his fingers, rubbing to the smooth gland. The tremor of Kerran's body signaled his nearness to release and a hard jerk buried Kerran's cock as far into Stefan's mouth as it would go. The next second, Kerran's entire body shook, the spasms tightening the muscles around Stefan's fingers before his taste flooded Stefanís mouth. As much as he wanted to fuck Kerran himself, this wasn't exactly the place for that. It wasn't the place for what he was doing either, but he ignored that.

After Stefan cleaned him off and stood, Kerran pulled him into a hungry kiss, then reached down to grip Stefan's cock.

"I want this," he said as he squeezed Stefan's cock, "Inside me."

Stefan grinned and ground up against Kerran. Kerran groaned as Stefan backed up and sat on the grass. With the tug on his hand, Kerran joined Stefan and offered no resistance as Stefan took his pants off.

"Turn over," Stefan whispered on Kerran's lips as he lowered his hand between Kerran's legs. "On your knees."

Kerran shuddered as a finger touched to his hole again, and without another word, he licked Stefan's lips and rolled over. He hung his head down and saw Stefan's pants fall to the ground. A few seconds later, two slick fingers slid inside him. Kerran gasped and backed up, driving Stefan's fingers deeper.

"Stefan, please," he whispered.

When Stefan's fingers slid out, Kerran expected something bigger. What he didn't expect was Stefan's tongue. A moan escaped him and he backed up, wanting more. Stefan licked around the outside of his hole before plunging back in. Keeping himself firmly balanced on knees and one hand, Kerran reached under him with his other hand to stroke over his newly-awakened cock. When Stefan stopped licking him, Kerran braced himself. Moments later, he felt the head of Stefan's cock rub over his hole. With a groan, Kerran shifted up, impaling himself impatiently. He sucked in a quick breath through gritted teeth as his body took Stefan's cock.

The same impatience seemed to take hold of Stefan. He ground against Kerran's ass before he quickly withdrew. A groan came from Stefan before he rocked back into Kerran's body. The slap of Stefan's balls to the curve of Kerran's ass joined with their sounds of pleasure. Stefan's hands moved to Kerran's hips as he set an almost punishing pace. It wouldn't take much to give them what they wanted.

With each movement, Kerran pushed back as tightly as he could, his hand continuing its stroking over his cock at a faster pace set by Stefanís rhythm. His own groans egged Stefan on. "Harder. I want to feel you harder. Please, Stefan."

Stefan answered Kerran's pleas, and each deep push into Kerran drove them both closer until their bodies shuddered in unison. Stefan's cry joined Kerran's as the intense pleasure washed over them. He felt the contractions of muscle around him as he came. Afterwards, Stefan's arm snaked around Kerran, drawing him back as they both struggled to catch their breath.

Kerran straightened and collapsed against Stefan, letting his head fall back against Stefan's shoulder. His body was sore, but for the first time in ages, his soul was at peace. He closed his eyes as he linked to Stefan's mind once more. Within the tendrils of Stefan's thoughts, Kerran found himself.

"I think I could get used to this," Stefan murmured.

"I think I already have, Stefan," Kerran said. He laced his fingers through Stefan's and brought his hand up to kiss it. When Stefan squeezed his hand, Kerran returned the sentiment. As a magician, the land was his passion; but as a man, Stefan would fill his deeper need.

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