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Hard As Diamond

A short gay erotic romance by

Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael

Part One

Ross paid little attention to the courtiers come to call on Princess Rial, daughter to Queen Adl Re. No. Ross' sights were set on something far more intriguing. He'd first seen the prophet called Diamond when the man came to Varnis, seeking employment under the queen. Ross tried to ignore the youthful, handsome seer, but Diamond held his attention with ease.


Shaking his head to free it of thoughts of the prophet, Ross turned to his queen. "Yes, Your Highness."

As he turned, Ross felt a ripple of shock when he caught sight of a hand resting for a split second on Diamond's ass. His expression betrayed none of his inner turmoil nor had anyone else seen the quick gesture. From the smile curling Diamond's lip, it seemed he had no objection to another man touching his ass. The thought alone had a multitude of intriguing potentials though Ross was forced to firmly put his attention back on the queen.

"Diamond has spoken of possible breach of security at our southern wall. I want you both to investigate and quickly." Queen Adl Re seemed unaware of anything untoward in her court as she addressed Diamond.

Darting a quick glance up at Diamond standing not far from them, Ross nodded. "Yes, Your Highness. We will see to it right away." Pushing the grin back into a neutral expression, Ross walked over to Diamond.

Diamond bowed in a slightly mocking gesture. "It would certainly be more exciting than this," he said, head tipping toward the court-goers.

"I know it will be." With a smug air, Ross gestured towards the throne room doors then waited for Diamond to precede him out of the room. As Diamond moved ahead of him, Ross' gaze caught surreptitious glances of a silken clad ass. The deep blue of his robe fit Diamond, and the length of his dark hair brushed against the small of Diamond's back. Images of the cloud of it laying over his skin held Ross' imagination before he forced the picture from his mind to listen to the prophet speaking.

"I have foreseen a chance that one or more of Tiberle's spies may attempt to enter the city near the southern wall."

"I've not heard anything regarding this," Ross said as they walked, his gaze still riveted on the body in front of him.

"As the queen's seer, it is my duty to foresee such things."

Diamond stopped suddenly and turned, causing Ross to run into him while not paying attention. Ross looked up and one of Diamond's dark eyebrows rose.

"Do you question my visions?" the seer asked Ross.

His own brow cocked and Ross regarded Diamond. "No, of course, not. I simply said I hadn't heard anything about it." The seer seemed overly sensitive and Ross wasn't at all surprised.

With an abrupt nod, Diamond seemed to accept that and turned on his heel to continue down the corridor to the front entry. Ross just shook his head and resumed his favorite pastime: watching Diamond's ass. Now if only he could get his hands on it.

"As I was saying," Diamond continued, "I have notified no one but the queen on these matters. I did not find it prudent to stir concern. You know how the populace gets."

"Naturally, I understand." Ross murmured, far too pleasantly occupied with the movement of Diamond's backside. He now knew Diamond favored men, just from what he'd witnessed earlier. "I think we should stop in the map room. So we can get a good idea of exactly what area might be the most vulnerable."

When Diamond stopped, Ross did run into him this time. Feeling the ass he'd been fantasying about pressed him momentarily, Ross couldn't resist the urge to rest his hands on Diamond's shoulder. He pretended to steady the seer, but in reality kept the man against him. Diamond turned his head to look back at Ross, and Ross took advantage again in leaning slightly forward.

"Sorry about that, Diamond. You have a habit of stopping too quickly."

"And do you always walk so close as to run into the man before you?" Diamond's voice was a touch deeper this close, and Ross swore he could smell the starberries on the man's breath.

"No," Ross said quietly, instantly cursing himself for saying a word.

Lowering his hands and stepping back, Ross waited for Diamond to move.

"You had a very good idea, Ross." Diamond seem to ignore him now as he changed direction to head down another corridor.

Ross said nothing as he followed behind the seer. When they reached the small room off the armory, Diamond moved to the large table and waited while Ross dug through the archives for the appropriate maps.

They were relatively easy to find, and Ross carried the small stack to the table and began to lay them out. When he finished, he moved to stand behind Diamond who was studying one of the map. Deliberately, Ross let his body brush against Diamond's back then remained right where he was as he looked over the seer's shoulder to the map on the table.

"I would suggest checking this area out first," Diamond said, pointing to a small portion of the south wall. There was a cistern door to the right of the area—perfect for smuggling spies in and out of the castle.

Ross leaned closer, pressing against the seer's ass as he peered over Diamond's shoulder. "Yes, I would agree." Looking down, he was greeted by a cream-colored throat, bared as Diamond's sable hair spilled onto the tabletop. It was temptation at its best.

Ross heard the small hitch in Diamond's breath, and the faint betraying tremor in his voice. Deliberately, Ross reached around the seer and rested his hand on the table. The movement pressed him tighter to Diamond‘s ass.

"I think…" Diamond trailed off, seemingly unable to continue his train of thought, and Ross felt the small shiver of the seer's body.

It seemed Diamond wasn't unaffected by Ross closeness. That alone spurred greater hope in Ross.

"You think what, Diamond?" A soft lowering of Ross' voice caressed over the seer's name.

"I think…we should try here as well."

Peering closer at the map, Ross smiled slowly. Diamond's finger rested just near a spot on the map where the main stables formed a sort of ‘V' with the storehouses. The mouth of the ‘V' faced away from the bailey, toward the wall. There was just enough space to squeeze through, if Ross remembered correctly—large enough to effectively hide spies…or other things.

As Ross leaned forward, pretending to get a better look, his cheek brushed against Diamond's hair. He managed to keep his hands from the silky mass as well as from touching Diamond. Their closeness was a delicious form of torture Ross greatly enjoyed. "We can investigate there first since it's the closest to our position now."

Diamond turned to look at him at the same time Ross turned his head. Their lips were no more than a few inches apart. Stormy silver eyes stared into Ross', momentarily arrested as Diamond's lips parted to say something.

Ross' gaze dropped to his mouth and a bit of a smile played over his lips.

"It's the most likely from what I feel." Diamond's words came out in breathless rush.

"I'm sure it is." Ross resisted the urge to close the distance between them and instead stepped back, giving Diamond room to move. "Lead the way," he said, waving toward the door.

Diamond gave him an odd smile and a nod then led the way out. They walked in silence, Ross all but blatantly licking his lips. Soon…soon he would have what he so desperately wanted.

The first time he'd laid eyes on young seer, Ross had wanted him. The seer had been a quiet addition to the court, never really seeking to draw attention to himself. Yet he'd gained it nonetheless. Her majesty's ladies-in-waiting positively fawned over Diamond. Ross had done his best to ignore the unseeingly attraction, doubting Diamond would reciprocate.

It didn't stop Ross' fertile imagination from taking over, but until today, he'd kept his distance from the young seer. Now, however, his eyes once again followed the movement, imagining the flesh beneath the silk robe.

From the vaguely tense set of Diamond's body, Ross could have swore Diamond was aware of his heated gaze.

Silently Diamond led him to the outer courtyard of the palace. They crossed the expansive inner bailey, nodding to others who went about their own business. No one paid much attention to them as Diamond led the way toward the stables and warehouses. When they reached the buildings, Ross followed the raven-haired seer around to the back of the stables. There, sure enough, was a small opening just big enough for a grown man to squeeze through.

"I think we might find more back there," Ross said, voice lowering as he began crowding Diamond. The seer put up no resistance even as a shiver rippled over the thin but muscular body.

The tight fight of the doorway lead to a tiny inner room. The dimensions forced Diamond tight up against Ross, and a hard cock pressed into Diamond's silk covered ass. Momentarily caught off guard, the seer stilled abruptly and a small sound escaped him.

Smiling to himself in the dark, Ross kept his hands to himself as he felt the slight grind of Diamond's hips pressing back against him. His voice was no more than a whisper in the seer's ear. "There are several more chambers, Diamond."

"It will be a tight fit," Diamond said quietly. "I didn't realize there were rooms back here. I'd expected just an opening at the cistern door."

"I work well in tight situations." Ross rolled his hips forward, just enough to press once more to the firm ass before him. Diamond's soft groan brought a smile to Ross' lips. He took particular delight in teasing the seer, and he'd picked up every one of Diamond's answering signals.

When Diamond moved forward, Ross didn't let him get far away. The gloom gave way to utter darkness as they moved further into the warren of small rooms. Each movement they made kept a friction between their bodies until finally Diamond stopped and turned around to face Ross.

Neither could see the other but Ross could hear the erratic pattern of Diamond's breath. It matched his own.

"Ross, maybe I should return to examine the stable block while you continue in here."

Lifting his hand, he ran the back of his fingers slowly over Diamond's chest. Quietly Ross asked, "Is that what you really want me to do, Diamond?"


Silence reigned for several minutes and then Ross a tentative touch of Diamond's fingers to his. Those fingers traveled up Ross' arm, the hesitation giving way to something far different.


Feeling the frantic heartbeat beneath his hand, Ross slowly leaned towards Diamond, his lips searching for the heat he craved. His other hand settled at the seer's hip, bring him in tight enough to feel the arousal surging through Ross.

The sound of Diamond's groan joined with his own then faded as Ross' tongue searchingly explored the lips opening to him. Gods above, Diamond's mouth was blazing, lips sealing around Ross' as the seer's tongue pushed suddenly into his mouth. Diamond pushed Ross back against the nearest wall, their bodies grinding tightly together.

Ross' head swam as Diamond's sweet tongue fucked his lips, sweeping through his mouth. Fingers tightening on the seer's hips, Ross rocked his hips forward, groaning into the kiss.

Even knowing he really couldn't afford to start anything with Diamond, Ross really didn't care. All he could feel was the pounding of his own heart, in rhythm with Diamond's as their tongues sought dominance over the other.

A hand slipped between them, and Ross felt a tug at the tie of his pants. Diamond's hand slid between the fabric and his skin, fingers rubbing slowly over Ross' cock before wrapping around it.

In answer, Ross broke their kiss, a deep moan rising in his throat as his hips aided the stroke of Diamond's hand. In the darkness, the soft whisper of Diamond's voice surrounded him, "I've watched you, Ross. Dreamed of you."

Where once Ross controlled the situation, now he was controlled by the slender fingers tightly around his cock.

"Diamond." Ross groaned the seer's name, hips pushing his aching cock through the tunnel of Diamond's fist. "Yes."

"Always wondered what it would feel like to have you inside me," Diamond continued, thumb sliding over the tip, pressing in. Ross gasped and thrust forward.

"Deep inside," Ross breathed. Diamond's touch coaxed the most exquisite sensations from Ross' trembling body. "Want to be deep inside."

With the words, Ross' hand slid over the silk material towards the firm curve of Diamond's ass. His nails kneaded against the fabric to the skin beneath.

His touch drew a soft hiss from Diamond. "Yes, Ross."

They were both on fire, wanting each other in the darkness, and nothing intruded on that. The scent of their bodies heated the tiny room as each sought to arouse the other in soft whispers and caressing strokes.

When Diamond's lifted the edge of his robe with his free hand, Ross instantly returned the favor the seer was giving him. Pressing their cocks together, their hands moved in twin motion as their bodies started to shake.

Ross was the first to cry out as he came in a rush of blissful pleasure. His come spurted over their hands, and he shuddered with the unexpected force sweeping through him.

"Ross. Yes." Shuddering, Diamond came, body jerking hard as his tongue thrust deep into Ross' mouth.

Ross groaned, tremors still sliding through him. He clung tightly to Diamond, panting as the seer broke the kiss. "Diamond…gods…"

Diamond hummed and nodded, licking Ross' lips softly. "Love the way you smell," he murmured.

"It wasn't until I saw Geran touch you tonight that I realized you enjoyed men, Diamond. And this isn't all I want from you. When we return to the palace. My room." Ross turned his head to whisper into Diamond's ear. The flick of his tongue to the faintly salty skin followed as he began nuzzling the seer's throat.

Whatever Diamond wanted to say remained unsaid as his head tipped slightly, encouraging Ross. "You inside me. I want you inside me."

"Then that is what you will get," Ross said, lips fastening on a bit of skin just below Diamond's ear, sucking up a mark. "There really isn't a breach, is there?"

Diamond stiffened against him, not answering right away. Finally, he whispered, "How did you know?"

Ross lifted his head and nipped Diamond's ear. "And you--are not a prophet." Diamond started to pull away, but Ross kept him close. "Your secrets are safe with me, so long as mine are safe with you." A faint red glow pulsated between them, illuminating the red of Ross' eyes briefly before they returned to their plain brown.

"You are dark fae," Diamond whispered. "Why are you here?"

"For reasons of my own, Diamond." Cryptically, Ross left it at that.

"I already realized you aren't the real High Advisor. The real Ross doesn't like men. Most of us have our own little group, and he was never one of us. So it seems we both have secrets of our own. Yours are as safe as mine, whoever you truly are."

Ross felt Diamond's hand retying the ties of his pants before Diamond laid his palm flat against Ross' cloth covered cock. "When we return to the place, I will seek you out."

Pressing a kiss to Diamond's lips, Ross said, "I will be waiting."

They left the rooms, winding through the darkness before finally stepping out into the fading light of the evening. They remained silent, exchanging only a single glance between them before going their separate ways once inside the keep. Ross went directly to his chambers, disrobing the moment his door was closed.

As he stood in front of one of the walls, he waved his hand slightly. A multi-color shimmer pooled on the floor and flowed upward, revealing a large wood cabinet. Open one of its door, Ross took opened the small chest within and pulled out a small, blue jar. As he turned away, the cabinet disappeared from sight. Moving towards his bed, he place the jar on the small table. Walking over to a glass bowl set in a stand, Ross took a moment to wash himself before he slipped on a loose pair of black pants. It wouldn't do for any chance passerby to see him naked when he opened the door.

The light knock sounded just as he finished up, and he strode to the door, opening it with a smile. Taking a quick glance out into the hall, he stepped back, allowing Diamond entry. Then he closed the door and locked it. A moment later, he found himself shoved back against it, Diamond's tongue pushing into his mouth. Ross moaned and his hands drifted over the seer's hips before tugging Diamond's robe up and off. With a pull to the tie of his pants, he was nude as well. They both groaned as hot flesh met hot flesh, their cocks sliding alongside each other.

Instantly ignited, the fire raged between them as their tongues hungrily tasted each other. Ross knew only their joining would quench the flames. With a less than gentle shove, Ross had Diamond backing towards his bed. Never relinquishing the kiss, his fingers kneaded into skin and muscles as they tumbled back to the bed.

The upward grind of Diamond's hips against him drove all rational thought from Ross' mind. An urgent rock of his body slid against Diamond as the seer's legs wrapped around him. The body beneath Ross literally begged to be taken.

Capturing Diamond's mouth in another hard, hungry kiss, Ross groped blindly at the bedside table and finally found the small jar. Pulling back from the kiss, he shifted up onto his knees and opened the jar, smiling down at the seer spread out on his bed. Diamond bit at his bottom lip, eyes glittering in the faint light of the candles. Ross stroked the slick liquid over his cock then set the jar down and leaned forward, pushing two fingers deep inside the seer.

Diamond's low cry of pleasure rewarded the rubbing friction against the seer's prostate. His hips bore down onto Ross' fingers as Ross stared into the seer's eyes. The stormy shade of gray darkened into molten silver. Quickly throwing up a sound barrier around them, Ross was wise not to want anyone overhearing them.

The silver gaze dropped to Ross' hand, stroking over his own cock. Diamond writhed against the fingers inside him, whispering hoarsely, "Ross, please."

Wiping his hand off, Ross laid it against Diamond's chest, feeling the thundering beat of the seer's heart. Withdrawing his other hand, his body nudged back against Diamond's, and the firm pressure of the seer's legs encircled Ross.

Ross guided his cock to Diamond's entrance, then with a determined push of his hips, he buried his entire length deep inside him. Diamond's body arched, hips rolling down.

"Ross! Yes…"

Growling, Ross caught Diamond's mouth with his and began thrusting—hard and quick. Diamond met him stroke for stroke, gasping into Ross' mouth. Ross kept himself propped up on his hands, slamming into the seer's body as the kiss turned desperate.

Each deep thrust sent jolts along Ross' spine as he took Diamond's body with a jarring force that shook the bed beneath them. Craving had become an overwhelming need, spiraling sharply out of control.

A frantic cry tore from the seer's throat. The tone of it rising until he screamed Ross' name as his body shook beneath the savage onslaught. Internal muscles clamped tightly around Ross' cock with the spasms controlling the seer's body.

Unable to hold back, a sharp growl vibrated Ross' throat as his release broke over him, sending his senses over the edge into the void of pleasure. Tremors rocked him, his hips pressed tight to Diamond's ass as he filled the seer's body.

Fighting to catch his breath as the last of the tremors faded, Ross rested his forehead to Diamond's. "Gods, you feel amazing."

Diamond's hands slid over Ross' spine, drawing out a single shiver. "As do you," the seer murmured, lips just barely brushing Ross'.

Catching at Diamond's lips, this time Ross' kiss held a gentle element as his lips molded to the seer's. The leisurely movement of his tongue slowly explored the sweet taste of Diamond's mouth. Relaxing, the weight of his body pinned Diamond to the bed as he simply savored the contact and warmth.

The immediacy of their coupling had been necessary, but now all Ross wanted was to savor, to explore and taste and touch. Easing out of Diamond, Ross shifted and settled on his side, rolling the seer toward him without breaking their leisurely kiss.

The movement of Diamond's body followed his, unwilling to lose the contact, and nestled tightly to Ross. A perfect fit. The half-formed thought drifted through Ross' mind, realizing the seer refused to be parted from him at this point. One of his hands caressed the length of Diamond's side down to his hip as his tongue learned the seer's mouth.

"Sleep," Ross murmured as he drew back. "And then…I would love nothing more than to feel you inside me."

Diamond made a sound almost like a purr, nuzzling Ross' neck. "I'd like that."

Before Ross could say anything else, Diamond's fingers tangled in his hair and drew his head to the taut arch of his throat. "I know you can feed from me. Take my blood so I will know you."

Something beneath the quietly whispered tone told Ross the seer wanted to know him in his true form. A pained groan broke free as his lips touched to the fluttering pulse at Diamond's throat.


The plea settled in Ross' mind and he brushed a soft kiss to the smooth skin before sinking his fangs into Diamond's throat. A harsh groan sounded, but Ross had no idea which of them had made it.

The well of blood filled his mouth, and his lips fastened tightly on Diamond's skin. The sweet heat of nectar flowed down his throat. The intimacy of the act washed over both of them as Ross drew hungrily from the seer. Diamond's body molded to his, letting him take what he wanted as he gave himself to his dark fae lover.

With stunning clarity, realization dawned on Ross, Diamond wanted to be irrevocably tied to him. He could sense it in the chaotic swirl of the seer's emotions and thoughts. And as he drank deeply, Ross realized he could not deny the man that.

"We can‘t stay here," he whispered against warm skin before licking the wounds closed.

Diamond's arms encircled Ross' neck and then those sweet lips were back, teasing along Ross' mouth, down his chin to lick and nibble on the hollow of his throat. Lifting his head, Diamond gazed solemnly down at him. "Then we'll find our own place."

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