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As Khasekhemwy entered the chamber, Isis lit the sweet smelling incense. “We are performing the Ritual of Ka. I summoned you because of the missing scrolls. I can perform this from memory, and I am no longer relying on the chance of succeeding in finishing the Ritual of Unification. ”

“I was just told Mkitiris had taken them, my queen.” Anger sounded in the tone of his voice at the betrayal. With a slight gesture from her, Khasekhemwy moved to stand beside the body of Osiris.

“Seth is behind this, and I fear we are running out of time.”

Shock held him immobile for a moment before he held out his hand to her. Isis began chanting softly, tying a slender white cord to his wrist. Pulling his hand down, she looped the rope around Osiris’ arm and wrapped it several times around both of them, binding them.

A silver light glowed around their hands then infused the cord and their flesh. Khasekhemwy felt the cool sensation of her energy like a soft breeze to his skin. When a pale golden light filled the room, he had to grab a hold of the edge of the altar.

He could feel an echo of the power of his god. It swept through him like a rush of wind. When his legs nearly buckled from under him, Isis’ arm quickly supported him. Images and feelings he could barely comprehend flowed in a river through him. The golden energy became his as his body absorbed all of it. An infinite sense of time stretched out before him, drawing his mind up into an unlimited expanse of darkness. Tiny lights shone in the black velvet and while Khasekhemwy stood immobile, brilliance flooded the sky. He and Isis stood at the gate of creation.

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