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A Night with Cian and Mael

Cian sat back in the booth, sipping slowly on his wine. With the rogue situation still creating trouble, it felt like ages since he’d been here. Several other patrons were giving him once-overs, and a few seemed like they wanted to make good on those looks, their gazes raking over Cian. But he wasn’t here for them. Just as he raised his glass to signal the waitress for more, one of the men at the bar sauntered over to his table.

“What you say I buy the next one for ya, and you meet me in the back?”

Well, that was certainly direct. “I think not,” Cian said calmly.

“No? I got what you really need right here,” the man drawled, grabbing his crotch.

Cian just rolled his eyes. “No. You don’t.”

Entering the room, Mael caught the tale end of the conversation. When he got close enough, he laid his hand on the man’s shoulder. “No, I have what he really needs. You have nothing at all he wants.”

The guy whirled quickly, drawing back his arm, ready to punch Mael until he saw the sharp tips of Mael’s fangs descend with his smile. The man lowered his arm, eyes wide, and stumbled away, never taking his eyes off Mael.

“You’re a sight for sore eyes,” Cian said, smiling up at Mael.

Mael never looked from him until he disappeared from view into one of the other rooms. Glancing back at Cian, a brow rose as he commented, “I would think so if that’s what available out here.” Chuckling, he slid into the booth next to Cian.

Cian twisted sideways until he was facing Mael, then he leaned back against the wall. “You have no idea.” He dipped his finger in his wine glass and scooped up a drop. Bringing it to his lips, he held Mael’s gaze, sucking the wine slowly from his fingertip. “I’m hungry.”

“I can see that,” Mael murmured softly in answer. Lowering his hand, the tips of his fingers slid over Cian‘s thighs, teasing him. “But this isn’t quite the place to indulge your hungers.”

Reaching out, Cian grabbed Mael’s shirt, tugging Mael close. “Then take me home, feed me, and fuck me.”

His fingers edged upward, rubbing over the denim clad, hardening cock. “I think I prefer to dance first, my angel. We’ve plenty of time for the rest.”

Cian’s eyes closed and he hissed, hips pushing up. “Fucking tease.”

Leaning in toward Cian, he whispered in his ear, “And you adore me.” The words were followed by the flick of Mael’s tongue just beneath Cian’s ears. A more distinctive pressure ran over Cian’s cock, providing an exquisite friction.

As he drew back, Mael took his hand and slid back out of the booth, pulling Cian with him. “First, we must dance.”

The firm grip of his fingers kept hold of Cian, drawing him toward the dance floor. It wasn’t like Mael really gave him much of a choice.

Cian glared as he stood. Then he smiled slowly, leading Mael toward the packed dancefloor. Once there, Cian turned, leaning back against Mael, taking great care to grind his ass over Mael’s crotch in time to the hard, driving techno house music.

Resting his hands on Cian’s hips, the movement of Mael’s body mock fucked him, letting his angel feel the arousal he’d caused. Each motion and the hold Mael had on him kept Cian against him. The slow slid of one hand edged beneath his shirt and traveled upward against Cian’s side.

Cian’s head fell back on Mael’s shoulder and he reached back with one hand, fingers curling to Mael’s hip. “Need you, prince.”

It was so easy for them to become lost even in an overly crowded room. Turning his head, he brushed a kiss to the golden silkiness of Cian’s hair. Closing his eyes, he savored the connection between them and the feel of Cian‘s mind reaching for his. “I have thought of nothing but you, my angel.”

Without stopping the dance, Cian turned his head, his other hand going up behind Mael’s head, pulling him down for a kiss. With the first taste, Cian moaned, shuddering Mael’s arms as the dancing faltered for a moment.

Mael slowly edged Cian nearer to the edge of the dance floor as his tongue thoroughly explored the heat of Cian’s mouth. The beat of Cian’s heart, scent of his arousal and the close proximity to the heat of his body had an effect on Mael. After a long moment, he ended the kiss. “I think it’s time to go home, don’t you?”

“Please,” Cian whispered. “Need to feel you everywhere, Mael.” Pulling away, he took Mael’s hand, leading him down the back hall. The farther back they went, the thicker and stronger the smells were—men, fucking, leather, sweat. Cian opened the back door and stepped out into the vacant alley. The door closed with a loud click of a lock.

A faint smile curled Mael’s lips as he drew Cian back to him. He had every intention of fulfilling exactly what Cian wanted, but in his way. The light press of his lips coaxed Cian to open to him as Mael gathered the shadows around them. Walking him backward, they moved through the darkness, emerging into his bedroom.

Without breaking the kiss, Cian began working open the buttons on Mael’s shirt, his tongue toying with Mael’s. Mael started on Cian’s shirt, the graze of his fingers brushing to skin as he unfastened the buttons. Once they had their shirts off, the cool sensation of tendrils of shadows curled to Cian’s wrists. They drew his hands up and away from Mael as Mael unzipped Cian’s pants.

Cian chuckled and looked up, arms tugging a little against the shadows. “Yes, my prince?”

The smile on his lips had a sly edge as he tugged Cian’s pants downward. “Do take your shoes off as best you can.”

“Yes, sir.” Cian toed his boots off, kicking them to the side. “At least these don’t have laces.”

Kneeling, Mael pulled his pants the rest of the way off then took his good sweet time, eyeing the feast in front of his face. The tendrils kept Cian in place and two more coiled to his ankles. As Cian shifted to spread his legs, the restraints shortened enough not to allow him to bring his legs back together.

The tip of his fingers ran along the underside of Cian’s cock then down over his balls. “It’s time to play, my angel.”

Cian groaned, the look in his eyes heated, hungry. “Please,” he whispered, hips nudging forward.

Leaning against him, Mael began pressing light kisses to Cian’s upper thigh. The tip of his tongue licked over the warmth of his flesh, and his fingers drifted slowly to the side of his other thigh, thumb caressing to the crease between Cian’s ass and thigh.

Cian shuddered. “Mael…”

Lavishing careful attention to Cian’s body, his fingers and mouth played slowly, tasting every inch of each thigh. Turning his head, the dart of his tongue teased softly over Cian’s balls before drawing them into his mouth. The massage of his fingers worked over Cian’s ass, drifting closer to the crack. Each twitch Cian made, the more labored sound of his breathing, and quickened beating of his heart delighted Mael.

“Oh, fuck…” Cian tried to move, tugging on the shadows holding his wrists. “Damn it, Mael.”

When Cian struggled, the restraints didn’t give at all. Bringing his hand around to his face, Mael looked up at him as he stuck two fingers in his mouth, wetting them. After a moment, his hand returned to its prior place. “You’re so beautiful when you’re tied up, my angel. Something I really need to do even more often.”

The two fingers skimmed between the crack of his ass before playfully rubbing the puckered hole. Returning his attention to the leaking cock, Mael’s tongue tasted at the head, smearing the beads of liquid.

Cian tried to push down, desperately wanting Mael’s fingers—and more—inside him. “Mael,” he growled.

Only to happy to oblige him, Mael’s mouth engulfed rigid flesh as he probed inside Cian’s ass. Pushing deeper, the twist of his knuckles grazed over the sensitive gland. The glide of his lips and tongue worked over Cian, arousing him even more.

Gasping, Cian bucked, head falling back as he tried to fuck Mael’s finger. Caught between that and the intense heat of Mael’s mouth, Cian thrust his hips, hands curling into fists. “Don’t stop. Sweet fuck, don’t stop, Mael.”

Every action was deliberately slow, not allowing Cian any form of release. A small nick of his fangs released the potent flavor of Cian’s blood to him. Mael drew him deeper into his mouth, throat relaxing to take him all the way in then pulled back, suckling on the tip.

“Mael!” Cian jerked, entire body shaking as he began to fight the shadows holding him.

Aware Cian was pretty damn close to exactly where he wanted him, Mael withdrew his hand and stood up. Without saying a word, he walked over to the nightstand and opened the drawer. After taking out a tube, he slid onto the bed. Remaining on his knees, he positioned himself to give Cian the perfect view.

First, he squeezed some of the lube onto his fingers then tossed the tube. Reaching between his legs, he turned his head to look at Cian then inserted the fingers into himself. A soft groan escaped him with the teasing pressure as he repeatedly fucked his ass. The hunger of his mind reached for Cian‘s. “All I can think of is you.”

Cian’s breathing quickened, his tongue wetting his lips. His gaze was fixed on Mael, watching those fingers. He clenched his jaw and tugged hard on the shadows holding him. “Mael,” he growled in warning.

Mael continued playing with himself, sliding his fingers slowly in and out of himself as he watched Cian. He could feel the surge of need from his angel and it nearly overwhelmed him. As the shadows finally released Cian, Mael could only moan. “Please, my angel. I need you.”

The second he was loose, Cian was on the bed. Kneeling behind Mael, he pulled Mael’s hand out of the way and slammed in, pinning Mael to him, unable to move. “Is this what you wanted, prince?” he growled, pulling out and ramming back in.

A low growl rose in Mael’s throat as his fingers clawed at the covers beneath. He met each jarring thrust, and his hand wrapped quickly around his own cock. The pounding feel of Cian jolted through his entire body, strengthening his own need tenfold.

“Come on.” Cian set up a hard, quick rhythm, driving them both to the edge. “Now, Mael. Come for me.”

With a deep shudder, Mael’s orgasm exploded over his senses. Wave after wave of pleasure rode him, and he opened his mind completely to Cian, sharing it all. The throb of his cock spilled on the covers as he came.

“Mael!” Several quick thrusts and Cian came, cock pulsing deep inside Mael.

Mael barely remained upright, straining back against Cian. Bruised and battered, the euphoric high left his senses scattered. When Cian leaned heavily against him, Mael collapsed to the bed.

Cian made an ‘oomph’, landing on top of him. Chuckling, Cian pulled out slowly, rolling onto his side to face Mael. “I needed that. You okay?”

Turning his head, one eye peered at Cian, and a pleased smile curved his lips. “Oh, I’m perfect, Cian. Absolutely perfect.”

“Now that, cariad…” Cian smiled and leaned forward, kissing Mael softly. “…is precisely why I love you.”

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