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A Cowboy's Night Out

Tonight was Adrian's treat at his favorite restaurant, and he headed toward one of the booths then slid into the seat. Grinning, he eyed Jamie as the cowboy sat across from him. "Donít trust me tonight?"

"Why? Should I be scared?" Jamie asked, one eyebrow lifting.

Before Adrian could say anything, Claude approached the table, beaming at both of them. "Adrian, your mother wanted me to tell you how happy youíve made her." Leaning down, he lightly patted Adrianís hand before he turned to Jamie. "And your aunt Matilda is very worried about you, Jamie. She says youíre not eating right. I will bring you both steaks and fries.† And just for you, I have some steamed corn."

"Thatís fine, Claude. And two glasses of your Blue Balls special."

Nodding, Claude clasped his hands together then yelled for Izzy as he walked back to the kitchen. "Izzy, two Blue Balls."

Jamie blinked, eyes going wide. "Uh...Matilda's been dead years..."

"If sheís anything like my mother, sheís probably still around. Trust me. " Aware Jamie sometimes didnít quite get it, Adrian grinned at him.

"Hey, Adrian." Izzy set their glasses on the table then stepped back. "Did Lucy remember Iím suppose to pick her up after I get off work?"

"Yeah, Izzy, sheís been crowing all day about you two going to the movies. When I left the apartment she was changing clothes for the third time."

"Cool." Izzy seemed pleased as he walked away and disappeared into the kitchen.

"Izzy and Lucy?" Jamie asked as he took a very small sip of his drink.

"You look like youíre lost, babe." Laughing, Adrianís hand covered his. "Theyíre sort of dating. Possibly. Or at least I think. Itís hard telling."

"Lord, Lord," Jamie muttered, taking another sip. "So, what other plans did you have for tonight?"

"Eating and fucking. Thatís about the gist of it. What about you?" Adrian picked up the glass to hide his smirk as he took a drink.

Jamie smiled slowly, and the pointed toe of a boot pressed against Adrian's balls through his jeans. "Now that's something I can get behind...or on...or under..."

Scooting slightly down in his seat, Adrian murmured, "Iím on top tonight. Riding you."

Laden with their plates, Izzy stopped at their table with a smirk. "Too damn bad you have to take time to eat, right?"

Adrian smirked back at him as he picked up his knife and fork. "You got that right."

A light blush stole over Jamie for a moment and out of habit, he reached up to pull the brim of a hat down, only to touch air. Clearing his throat, he just dug into his dinner, pressing his boot toe a little harder, kneading Adrian with just enough pressure to float the line between pleasure and pain.

Adrian eyed Jamie but refrained from comment. He ate one handed as his other hand slipped under the table, curling around the toe of Jamieís boot. "You know I like that."

Izzy just rolled his eyes and headed back toward the kitchen when Claude bellowed for him.

Licking the steak juice from his lips, Jamie stared at Adrian, gaze hot. "Uh huh."

"Oh ye Texan cowboy of few words, talk dirty to me." Adrian whispered, his eyes never leaving Jamieís. His hand kept Jamieís boot pressed against his crotch.

A slight smile edged at one corner of Jamie's mouth. "Can't decide if I want you t'ride me," he said quietly, "or if I wanna bend you over every piece of furniture and have my way with you."

"Mmm, both have serious potential. So why not all of the above? I donít think my ass will complain, do you?" Plastering an innocent smile on his lips, Adrian continued eating his meal.

"At this point?" Jamie pushed a little harder, boot toe digging in a bit. "I don't think it would matter if it did."

"Ah, fuck, babe." The pressure almost had Adrian dancing in his seat. "Youíre talking my language. "Now hurry up and fucking eat so we can get to your house."

Grinning like the cat that got the cream, Jamie resumed eating, foot varying pressure against Adrian's crotch. By the time he pushed his plate away, Jamie was nearly bouncing himself. "Let's get the bill squared away. Fucking need you."

"Youíre not the one with a fucking boot in your crotch." Adrian muttered as he slid out of his seat, leaving a good portion of his food uneaten. He walked over to the counter then dug out his wallet to buy the bill. Taking out a twenty, Adrian laid it on the glass top then waited for Izzy to ring him out.

Bill paid, Jamie grabbed Adrian's hand, set his hat back on his head with the other, and hauled ass out the diner door. The second they were at the truck, he shoved Adrian against the passenger side door and kissed him hard.

Adrian wasnít about to protest being manhandled by his lover. It showed him how thoroughly Jamie was aroused. Something he greatly enjoyed egging on as the press of his hips rocked slightly against Jamie. Before their brains were totally scrambled, Adrian got away from Jamie and opened the door, getting into the truck.

Jamie growled a little but went around to the other side and climbed in. Sliding in, he quickly started the truck and pulled out of the parking lot.

"Want you naked and in my ass." Adrianís fingers slid up over Jamieís thigh then lightly outline the hard bulge of his cock. "Something tells me youíre already ready for me."

The ride to his house was quick and as soon as the truck was off, Jamie shot Adrian a dark, hungry look. "Inside. Naked. Now."

Smirking at him, Adrian got out of the truck then headed up the walk to the house. Looking over his shoulder, Adrian noted just closely Jamie followed him. Once they were inside the house, he doubted if Jamie would give him much time so Adrian toed his shoes off and pulled his shirt over his head.

He didn't get any further than that. One hand landed on his upper back, between his shoulder blades, and pushed Adrian right over the back of the couch. "Gonna fuck you right here," Jamie whispered, voice gruff in Adrian's right ear as the cowboy worked Adrian's jeans open with his other hand.

Shoving his jeans down over his hips, Adrian leaned against the couch, spreading his legs slightly. He didnĎt even bother taking his jeans all the way off. "Anything and everything you want, babe."

"Damn right." Two spit-slick fingers pushed deep into Adrian's ass, twisting and working him open.

With a groan, Adrian pushed back against Jamieís hand, the rock of his hips fucking his fingers. With another hard backward grind, he gasped out, "Just take it, Jamie. Now."

"Yeah. Fuck, yeah." Fingers pulling out, Jamie lined his cock up and pushed in, groaning as both hands curled to Adrian's hips, tugging him back.

Sharp need rolled through Adrian with the full stretch of his ass. His hand gripped desperately at Jamieís, hips grinding more tightly to Jamie. His other grabbed for his own cock and quickly fisted over his length in urgent motions. Adrian wanted it hard and fast. "Jamie, fuck me til it hurts."

"Gladly." Hands tightening on Adrian's hips, Jamie started pounding into him, hips slamming against Adrian's ass, cock thrusting hard and fast and deep. "Adrian," Jamie growled through his teeth. "Gonna come..."

The dig of Jamieís nails into his flesh, and the relentless friction in his ass sent Adrian over the edge quickly. Crying out Jamieís name, Adrianís body shook as he came in his hand. His entire body tightened with the pleasure as his hips pushed back hard against Jamie. Grunting, Jamie jerked Adrian onto his cock, shuddering as he shot, Adrian's name wrapped in a deep, rumbling growl.

Straightening, Adrian pressed close to Jamie as his ass remained ground tightly to him, feeling the full pressure. Reluctant to let go just yet, he leaned against Jamie, closing his eyes.

"Damn," Jamie murmured, breath warm on Adrian's neck. His arms slid around Adrian's waist, just holding. "Love you, babe."

Resting back against him, Adrian finally caught his breath. Turning his head toward Jamie, he whispered, "Same for me."

Jamie just stared at him, speechless, eyes searching Adrian's. "Yeah?"

"Yeah." Not one much for words, he meant what he said. Gazing steadily at Jamie, he half smiled before he pulled slightly away then twisted to face him.

Hands sliding up to cup Adrian's face, Jamie leaned in for a slow but passionate kiss.

Adrian opened to the loving kiss as he pressed closer, arms sliding around Jamieís neck. The earlier urgency had faded to a more open expression of their emotions. After shoving his pants the rest of the way off, they moved away from the couch as Adrian guided them back toward the bathroom.

Jamie chuckled softly into the kiss. "I still feel like I rolled in glass dust. Shower is definitely a good idea."

"Bath. I prefer a bath tonight." In the bathroom, Adrian let go of him then bent over the tub to put in the plug and turn on the hot water. Grabbing the small plastic bottle from the ledge, he poured some of the bubble bath into the water. Adrian had bought it after he found out Jamie had never used any.

"Oh. Oh, yeah..." Jamie's words were drawn out, though it was unclear if he was referring to the bath, or the sight of Adrian bent over. Quickly he got rid of his clothes.

Swishing his hand under the water to build the bubbles, Adrian pretended to be unaware of Jamieís attention. The slight sway of his ass with the movement of his hand was deliberate and enticing.

"Adrian..." Heat pressed up against Adrian's ass and hands slid along his sides, from just under his arms, to his hips. "Fucking hot, love."

"Umm, bath first then the rest." Adrian couldnít resist a provocative movement of his hips before he pulled away from Jamie then got into the tub.

"Tease," Jamie grumbled. He stepped in and sank down into the water, moaning as the heat seeped into him. "Oh, damn..." He put his legs out, cradling Adrian between them.

"All a part of my charms that keep you enthralled." Settling back against him, Adrianís hand lazily poured the suds over Jamieís leg. "Sides, youíre just a horny ole Texan."

Jamie's chuckle was deep and relaxed. "Around you, not like I have much choice," he teased.

"Like you arenít always up to the challenge." One hand slipped between them, Adrianís fingers playing over Jamieís cock before he went back to smearing bubbles on Jamieís legs.

One of Jamie's hands slipped beneath the water and parted Adrian's thighs a little. "Not like you'd ever complain," he whispered, lifting Adrian's balls and tapping his hole lightly.

Adrian spread his legs slightly more, encouraging the light exploration and play. "Youíll never hear me complain either. Iíll be more like begging."

Jamie's finger circled the outside of Adrian's hole, pressing but never quite pushing in. "Same here, baby..."

Sliding his hands over Jamieís legs, Adrianís fingers massaged against his skin as his ass lifted slightly. "Know what I want to feel. Play with me, babe."

"Uh huh..." Jamie's lips slid slowly along the curve of Adrian's neck and one finger pushed into Adrian, slow and easy.

"Yes." His breath escaped him in a hiss of sound, and his head tilted for Jamie. The tantalizing sensation of Jamieís fingers was just enough to begin to arouse him, and he savored his own reaction to his lover. Jamie licked Adrian's neck, then settled on a spot just below his left ear, and began sucking a mark up. Sliding his finger out, Jamie pushed two in its place, not too deep, but spreading them a little, thumb resting against Adrian's gland from the outside, rubbing gently.

The slow roll of Adrianís hips rubbed back against Jamieís hand as his own lifted, tangling his fingers in Jamieís hair. Closing his eyes, a low moan came from his throat before he whispered, "Have I told you how much I need you today?"

"Think you just did." Jamie's fingers worked just a little deeper, the pressure of his thumb a little stronger.

A deeper groan rose in his throat with the increase of sensation. Instantly, all Adrian wanted to feel was Jamie pinning him to the nearest available surface. "We done with the bath yet?"

"Nope." Lips sealing around another spot on Adrian's neck, Jamie added a third finger, then pushed all three deep, cupping his palm against Adrian as he spread his fingers.

"Oh fuck, babe." A shiver ran up his spine from the suction of his Jamieís mouth, and the lift of his hips rocked harder as Jamieís fingers filled him. His hand reached behind him, curling around Jamieís cock, massaging over the length.

Jamie hummed, fingers beginning to move inside Adrian, slowly. "Wanna watch you come, Adrian," he whispered.

The way Jamie made him feel, it usually didnít take that much to make him completely lose it. Resting his head back against Jamie, his hand lazily stroked over Jamieís cock, just enough to arouse him. Lowering his hand from Jamieís head, Adrian slipped it beneath the water to press against Jamieís as he began fucking against the fingers. "Keep it up, Jamie. Keep it up."

Jamie shifted a little, pressing against Adrian's hand stroking his cock. "Never gonna stop." He kept up the rhythm of his fingers, spreading and closing, sliding slowly in and out of Adrian. "That's it... Ride my fingers, baby. So hot, so tight..."

As the exquisite sensation continually increased in his body, Adrian bucked and moaned. The trembling in his legs betrayed his closeness as the movement of his hips forced Adrianís fingers deeper into him. "Oh, fuck, oh fuckÖyes."

His last word became a cry as his body shuddered with the strong internal pulse suddenly flooding him.

"Yes...Adrian..." Jamie groaned, fingers stilling completely as he jerked, cock throbbing against Adrian's palm as he came.

Fully relaxing back against Jamie, Adrian started laughing. "Think we can take our bath now?"

Jamie chuckled. "Sure."

Twisting onto his hands and knees, Adrian faced Jamie and grabbed the wash cloth, soaping it. In a light touch, he ran the soapy cloth over Jamieís chest. "Iím thinking this is my favorite time with you."

"And why's that?" Jamie asked, smiling.

"Just you and me and the long night ahead of us." A sly smile curved Adrianís lips as he washed Jamieís chest. "Donít think Iím not going to get you back."

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