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The Slave Trade

A short gay erotic romance by

Shayne Carmichael

Rath’s breath came in ragged gasps as he raced down the small, twisted alley ways. He could hear the pounding of footsteps behind him, but he didn’t know who was chasing him. Four men had been following him since he’d left the small caf? at Ravth’nr Square. At first, he noticed them trailing behind him as he walked through the shopping district. After he’d left the caf?, Rath had sped up slightly, trying to lose them, but they’d stayed on him. Fifteen minutes had passed before he started to outright run from them, and they were hot on his heels.

Fear made him heedless as Rath ran blindly, trying to find some place to hide. He didn’t even know where he was. Looking quickly back over his shoulder, he didn’t notice the man stepping in front of him until it was too late. Colliding with the solid body, both of them were sent sprawling on the ground. An arm went around Rath, tightly holding to him as a hand pressed a cloth to his face.

When Rath awoke, he opened his eyes but his vision was blurred. Blobs of rich color surrounded him; he just couldn’t make out their shapes. The ache in his head made him wince the moment he tried to move. Blindly, he felt beneath him and the texture of the silky fabric surprised him. Where in the hell was he?

" not move much." The woman speaking knelt beside him, pressing a warm cloth to his forehead. The scent of sweet flowers surrounded them as she wiped his face with the cloth. "The dizziness, it will fade, yes? Just lie down now."

Unable to do much of anything, Rath became still beneath the soothing touch. “Where am I?” His brain felt like he’d been hit in the head, and he couldn’t remember how he got here or where he was.

"You are in Eraia, the palace home of Lord Jalil le Amana." She leaned over him and picked up a small silver tray. Setting it beside her, she started unbuttoning his shirt.

Her words made absolutely no sense to him. Slowly his memories started to come back to him, but he still couldn’t figure out exactly what had happened. “These guys were chasing me… Hey, stop that.” He’d tried to swat at her hands, but only succeeded in making his head hurt more.

"I am sorry," she said, though she continued working him out of his clothing. "The lord, he does not like such clothing." She started on his pants without batting an eye. "He says they hide the beauty of the body."

He couldn’t protest much as she completely undressed him. At least his vision had begun to clear, though when everything came into view, he blinked rapidly in shock. The naked woman trying to take off his clothes completely disconcerted him. Hastily scrambling out of the bed and out of her grasp, he slowly backed away from her. “What’s going on?”

Sitting back on her heels, she blinked at him. "I am preparing you for Lord Jalil." Waving to the jars of rich, dark dyes, she said, "Your paints, they are waiting."

Giving her an incredulous look, he grabbed for his clothes to redress himself. “I don’t need to be painted. It’s not a custom where I come from. Just show me how to get out of here and I’ll be on my way.”

"You cannot leave," she said calmly, not moving from where she sat, resting back on her heels. "The lord has already bought you. You are his now."

“Bought?” Rath paused in complete shock, staring unblinkingly at the woman. Anger began to replace the confusion. “There is no such thing! I demand to speak to the Amer’na consul. Right now!”

Hopping on one foot, he got one pant leg on before he stepped into the other. Not even bothering with his shirt, he stalked towards the door. Before the woman could answer, the door opened. Two guards, sabers sheathed at their left hips, flanked the doorway. A moment later, the woman dropped down, bowing low to the floor as a man walked into the room. Draped in silks of burgundy and gold, with jewels glittering from his neck and fingers, he was every bit the lord.

"Good evening," he said in a voice as rich as his manner of dress.

Even with the guards, Rath would have pushed his way past them if his way weren’t blocked by another man. When he saw the woman prostrate on the floor, Rath assumed the man in the doorway had to be Lord Jalil.

Trying for a calm he was far from feeling, Rath said, “This woman seems to be under the mistaken notion that you’ve bought me.”

The man smiled slowly. "I am Jalil le Amana, Lord of Ereneos. This is Eraia, my home." Looking to the woman still lying prostrate, his gaze slowly slid back to Rath. "And not mistaken."

“But…but, that’s impossible.” Stammering over his words, he stared at Jalil. Rath had heard the rumors of a slave trade flourishing in Ereneos, but he hadn’t believed the tales. “I demand to talk to the Amer’na consul! You can’t keep me here against my will.”

"That is not possible," Jalil said simply. "There is no consul here. You are bound to me. If you obey, then life will be leisurely and pleasurable. If you do not..." One of the guards stepped forward, hand on the hilt of his saber, though he did not draw it. "...then life will be much worse, I assure you."

Rath’s eyes widened slightly as the guard reached for his sword. “What? You’ll kill me?” Things like this simply did not happen in his world.

“Kill you?" Jalil laughed and turned away. "No, my friend. But you will wish for death." With a snap of Jalil’s fingers, the guards took hold of Rath's arms. "Bring him. The others will finish."

Finding it suddenly hard to swallow the fear that rose in his throat, Rath still attempted to struggle against the hands that took hold of him. When he was ruthlessly jerked forward, he had no choice but to go wherever they were taking him. He tried to protest but it did him no good.

Jalil led the way down the hall, nodding here and there as they passed others. Some were quite obviously slaves, while others were nobles on visits. Of the slaves, none were clothed, every man and woman bearing beautifully painted designs over their bodies. It seemed as if life was indeed good for them. Jalil stopped before a door and it opened onto a bath. Several slaves hurried to bow to him and Jalil waved to the guards holding Rath.

"Bring him. They will finish his bathing and decoration. Then I want him presented properly before my throne."

With that, Jalil left and the guards escorted Rath into the bath, closing the door behind him. The grip on him came close to leaving to bruises as the guards drug him towards the bathing pool.

One of the guards leered at Rath as he said, “I suggest you let the slaves take care of you unless you’d like me to take care of you.”

Rath stiffened at the look in the guard’s eyes then quickly decided being bathed was the lesser of the two evils he faced. With a curt nod, he jerked his arm away from the guard and walked forward towards the pool. When he stilled, a female slave moved quickly to undress him again. After she took his shirt from his hand and deprived him of his pants, she motioned to the bath.

Looking back over his shoulder at the guards, he barely suppressed a shiver at the look of lust directed at him. Hastily, he stepped down into the pool, and patiently let the slave bath him. Once he was deemed properly clean, he rose from the water. After the woman dried him off, Rath remained still, letting her paint his body. He paid absolutely no attention to what she was doing. All he wanted was to get it over with.

Finally satisfied, she stepped back and nodded to the guards. When they stepped towards him, Rath shook his head. “Not necessary, I’ll walk on my own.”

Flanked by the guards, he was led from the bathing room and down a series of corridors. Entering the lavishly decorated throne room, Rath looked quickly around. A row of pillowed divans lined both sides of the room and a path lead to the throne itself.

Jalil was seated on his throne--a towering chair of dark wood overlaid with gold. Burgundy velvet and silk pillows littered the area surrounding the throne, and on them, several men and women reclined, some enjoying one another and others watching Rath intently. Breaking off his conversation with the man beside him, Jalil watched as the guards escorted Rath toward the dais.

Highly embarrassed by the interest being shown in him, Rath’s cheeks flamed, though he tried not to show his embarrassment. As they stopped in front of the throne, a sudden hand on his shoulder forced him to his knees in front of Jalil. A flash of anger flared in Rath’s eyes as he stared at Jalil, but this time he didn’t say anything. But he sure as hell wasn’t laying flat on the floor for this man.

With a wave of Jalil's hand, the guards backed away. "You may rise," Jalil said. He nodded to a long, low table, filled with a variety of foods. "You must be hungry. Eat."

Getting to his feet, Rath ignored the guards as he moved towards one of the pillows. Sitting down, he did his best to appear unphased at being naked in a room full of strangers. He didn’t touch any of the food since he doubted if his stomach could handle it.

One of the young women moved closer to Rath, smiling at him. "You are pretty." She picked up a small red berry and ate it, still smiling. "Do you like women? Or men?"


"Mm," she hummed softly, eating another berry. "That is a shame. The lord, he likes both, but he really likes men the best. He hasn't found one yet who appreciates what he offers."

“I’ve never…” trailing off, Rath wasn’t sure how to finish that one. Clearing his throat, he looked down at the food then grabbed a handful of berries so he wouldn’t have to talk.

She handed him a slice of sweetbread. Leaning toward him, she whispered, "He is very nice without the robes. Pretty rings."

Taking the sweetbread, he took a bite as he glanced over at Jalil then back at her. “Rings?”

"Watch," she whispered, tilting her head toward the throne behind Rath.

Jalil opened his robes and slid down in the throne as one of the young women settled between his legs. Head falling back, he moaned softly as she bathed him with her tongue, tugging the ring at the tip of his cock. Two more slaves came up and held his feet, lifting his legs as the woman moved lower to lick and suck the ring just behind his balls.

Rath’s eyes widened as he watched the display in front of him. It was damned hard not to be aroused by the sight and sound of Jalil’s pleasure. Swallowing quickly, Rath near choked on a piece of the bread. Hastily, he took a drink of the wine and his eyes never left Jalil and the woman between his legs.

"Yes," Jalil whispered, fingers sliding through the woman's blonde hair as she licked her way back up his balls. When she slid her lips over the tip of his cock, his breath hitched and his hips rocked, sliding him deeper into her mouth.

A fourth slave, one of the men, crawled over to the throne and slid beneath the woman. A moment later, he slid two fingers into Jalil, smiling as Jalil groaned and pushed, impaling himself further.

Rath could feel his cock harden, but he refused to touch it. Yet he couldn’t look away from Jalil. If he were into men, Jalil’s darkly handsome features would surely attract him. The thought made Rath frown slightly. His only sexual encounters had been with women. Sex to him was enjoyable, just not something he really went out of his way for.

"More." Jalil arched, hips thrusting up as two fingers became three, the man sliding them in and out.

The woman pulled off of him and stood, moving around to his side. As Jalil pulled one of the other men down for a kiss, the woman went back to his cock, sucking him down. The third man withdrew his fingers and slid up, cock pushing deep into Jalil's body.

Part of Rath was shocked that all of this was going on in such a public place. All around him the others were engrossed in their own versions of their Lord’s pleasure. Thankfully, none touched him or Rath would have run from the room. But the erotic tableau of Jalil with his slaves held Rath spellbound and rigid in his seat.

"Aman, yes..." Jalil gasped, pulling from the kiss as the man made a hard thrust. "Aman!"

"Yes, my lord," the man named Aman growled, gripping Jalil's thighs and driving into him. "Take your pleasure, lord. Please..."

Jalil's eyes settled on Rath, the dark gaze sharp and needing. "Ela..." The woman pulled back and took the ring between her teeth, tugging hard. Jalil shouted, jerking as he came.

As Rath stared back at him, the needing look in Jalil’s eyes seemed directed at him. It centered an ache in his body and he tried to ignore the feeling. Biting at his lower lip, Rath had to still any sound of his own as he listened to Jalil’s cries. What was it about everything he was seeing that affected him so? Getting to his feet, he hurriedly made his way to a doorway leading out into a garden. He needed the fresh air to clear his thoughts. The garden was completely walled in by a massive structure of stone. Rath didn’t think of escape just then; he just wanted space to breathe and gather his thoughts. Several minutes later, his hair was brushed to the side, soft lips trailing over his neck.

"You cannot deny forever what your body craves.”

Rath’s breath caught in his throat with Jalil’s kiss. His body stiffened slightly as if to argue. “I don’t want to be here. I don‘t even like men. I don’t want to be your slave.”

"Your body," Jalil whispered, hand sliding down, fingers curling around Rath's cock, "says otherwise." He stroked slowly, varying the pressure, thumb sliding over the tip with every glide of his hand.

Rath should have been able to deny what Jalil said. He wanted to badly. The betraying tremble of his body gave him away as he felt the expert touch arousing him. Drawing in a quick breath, it escaped him in a hiss as his hand covered Jalil’s. Rath didn’t stop him. Instead, the pressure of his hand encouraged the movement and his hips thrust slightly forward.

"Yes, Rath. Take your pleasure. Let it take over." Using his other hand, Jalil turned Rath's head. His hand never stopped, coaxing Rath to let himself go. "Come for me, Rath," Jalil whispered across Rath's lips.

A low groan answered Jalil and Rath parted his lips as he began to fuck Jalil’s hand. The rolling surge became near unbearable and his tongue sought Jalil’s. His other hand came up, tangling in the black hair as his body started to shake and he came in the hand expertly playing over him. Jalil moaned softly into the kiss, humming and sucking Rath's tongue as he milked every last drop from his cock. Pulling slowly from the kiss, Jalil lifted his hand, licking it clean.

"Sweet," he murmured.

Rath’s legs barely held him up and he watched Jalil licking at his hand, fascinated. Why did he want this man? Such a thing had never occurred to him at all. Something inside him tightened at the thought of what he would experience if he let Jalil have his way.

“What is wrong with me?”

"Wrong?" Jalil turned him slowly, hands sliding through Rath's hair to cup his head gently. "There is nothing wrong with pleasure, Rath. There is only desire, and the need to sate that desire."

As he faced Jalil, Rath found his body pressing up against the lean, muscular frame, and the feeling enticed him. “I’ve never wanted another man before. Never been with a man.”

"There is a first time for everything," Jalil said, lowering his head for a kiss. "There is nothing in this world that can compare to the feel of a man inside you, or being inside a man. The taste, the feeling of fullness, of stretching."

The words made Rath shiver again, and a low moan rose in his throat, parting his lips for another kiss. He wanted to feel this man however he could, to experience the promise those words held. Without protest, his arms slid around Jalil’s neck as he pressed closer to him.

"Join me. Sleep beside me. Let me touch you, Rath." Jalil started backing up, one arm sliding around Rath's waist, pulling him along. "Let me taste every inch of you, inside and out."

Even knowing he was being seduced into this didn’t clear Rath’s desire or thoughts. The soft whispers against his lips held so much promise to him, and lured him as nothing else could. Rath moved with Jalil, letting the man guide him as he whispered, “Touch me. Let me feel what you are saying.”

Jalil stopped and covered Rath's mouth with his, tongue pushing in to taste. He held Rath to him, the kiss devouring. When he pulled away, he smiled and took Rath's hand, turning to lead the way to his private chambers. Rath followed, completely bemused by Jalil’s influence on him. His brain seemed possessed by the need to have this man inside him. Barely taking in their surroundings, his eyes remained fixed on Jalil.

Leading the way through another door, Jalil stopped in the middle of his bedchambers. Turning, he slipped an arm around Rath’s waist, drawing him close. Jalil, with his dark skin and hair and his luxurious robes, seemed to blend with the dark, rich fabrics scattered across the bed and hanging from its canopy. But even the decadent luxury of the room couldn’t take Rath’s gaze away from the man who held him. As the bed came into view behind Jalil, Rath shivered in a faintly nervous reaction. His eyes widened as they fixed on Jalil’s, yet he didn’t stop their progress towards the bed. Rath’s lips parted as if to protest, but the sound emerging from his throat was a distinct, soft whimper.

“Shh,” Jalil murmured, placing a finger on Rath’s lips. “I will not hurt you. I only promise you pleasures you’ve never imagined.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Jalil pulled Rath to stand between his legs. He let his gaze travel slowly over Rath’s body before finally settling on the prize before him. Long fingers curled around Rath’s cock and Jalil stroked his tongue over the tip, collecting the sweet, clear drops.

Glancing down at him, Rath watched Jalil and felt the flick of his tongue teasing over his cock. Just as before, it sent a chill up Rath’s spine as the sensations centered in his groin spread outward through his body. Rath’s fingers tangled in the dark mass of hair, and a betraying jerk of his hips tried to bury him inside the willing mouth. No longer sure of anything, the only thing Rath wanted was more of what Jalil promised to give him.

Jalil gripped Rath’s hip with his other hand and pulled him close, mouth slowly enveloping the hard flesh. Pulling back, he let his tongue and teeth graze the sensitive flesh, moaning and humming softly as he began to suck. Rath found himself aroused in a way he’d never been before, and his mind couldn’t figure out exactly why. The urge of his body simply wanted to give in without rational thought.

When he could speak, the name came out in a hoarse whisper of need. “Jalil.”

Sharply focused on the movement of Jalil’s head, Rath tightened his fingers in the strands of Jalil’s hair. His other hand moved to Jalil’s shoulders, beginning his own exploration of the flesh he now wanted to feel and taste for himself. The slide of Jalil’s lips along Rath’s cock continued, slowly building in speed and pressure. Jalil’s dark eyes rolled up, meeting Rath’s stunned but hungry gaze. Jalil moved his hand lower, cupping Rath’s sac, kneading it gently before stroking the soft skin just behind it.

As the expert manipulation increased Rath’s lust, he groaned as his hips began fucking Jalil’s mouth. Spreading his legs, he signaled a deeper need for the full touch of Jalil’s hand. Never before had he wanted to feel what he needed now. Rath couldn’t subdue the ache caused by the thought of those slender fingers inside him. Staring heatedly at Jalil, he whispered, “In me. Please.”

Jalil pulled back and shifted to the side, urging Rath down onto the bed. “On your hands and knees, and relax.”

Sliding onto the bed near Jalil, Rath crawled forward then stilled, looking back at him over his shoulder. Already highly aroused, he opened his legs to give Jalil complete access. A nervous flutter echoed in the pit of his stomach, but Rath did his best to relax any tension in his muscles as he watched Jalil.

Licking his lips, Jalil dropped his robes and knelt behind Rath. A hand on either buttock, he spread Rath open, eyes reflecting hunger like a starving man at a banquet. He leaned forward then and drew his tongue up the crease, stopping to flick over the puckered skin of Rath’s entrance. The sensations sent a deep quivering through Rath as he rocked back slightly with a low moan. Humming, Jalil feasted on Rath’s body, tongue pushing deep, over and over. When Rath loosened up, Jalil wet one finger and rubbed the rim of his hole before sliding slowly inside.

“Yes,” Jalil murmured, lips brushing over the smooth skin of Rath’s buttock.

Reacting on a fully tactile level, Rath’s body continued its slow rock against the assault of Jalil’s tongue and finger. His legs started trembling as he pushed back. Tight muscles clenched around the finger as it rubbed slowly inside him, sending more tremors racing through his body. A deep moan escaped him as his fingers clawed at the covers beneath him. He’d never felt anything like what Jalil was doing to him.

“I need you. Please. Now.” The words were barely coherent through the sounds that continued to rise in Rath’s throat.

Jalil eased his finger out and got up from the bed. Retrieving a small clay jar of salve, he returned to the bed and stretched out on his back. “Have you ever ridden a horse, Rath,” Jalil asked, stroking the salve over his cock.

“Yes.” Rath’s voice was shaky at best as he remained on his hands and knees, watching Jalil. Then he leaned toward Jalil, the press of his lips seeking the heat of Jalil’s mouth.

Jalil threaded the fingers of his other hand through Rath’s hair as he wiped the salve off the other. Then, without breaking the kiss, he urged Rath to straddle him. When Rath was situated in just the right place, Jalil lined his cock up and pushed gently, piercing Rath’s body for the first time in such a way. Rath bit at the tongue inside his mouth. His hands clung to Jalil’s shoulders as his hips pushed down hard, deliberately impaling himself on Jalil’s cock. The painful stretch of his body shot through him and he cried out sharply, the sound muffled by Jalil’s mouth.

Hands gripping Rath’s hips, Jalil broke the kiss slowly and stared up at him. “Exquisite,” he whispered. “Absolutely exquisite.” He rolled his hips gently, sliding out of Rath before pushing back in.

“Don’t move.” Rath gasped as his nails clawed at Jalil, trying to stop the movement for a moment. Resting his forehead to Jalil’s shoulder, he waited for the burning inside him to subside. The feeling of fullness slowly began to send more pleasurable ripples through him and he turned his head to nuzzle at Jalil’s throat.

“Move when you want to move,” Jalil whispered in Rath’s ear. “In this position, you control the depth and the speed. Take your pleasure from me for as long as you wish it.”

Rath had thought it was the other way around and that Jalil would be the one fucking him for his own pleasure. Lifting his head, he studied Jalil’s face as the words sank in. The slow, experimental rock of his hips produced sudden quivers of sensation inside him. Instantly, Rath wanted far more. With a soft groan, his hips began rocking harder against Jalil, increasing the tempo of friction and pleasure.

“I didn’t think it would feel this good, Jalil.”

Jalil smiled and his eyes fluttered closed for a moment, a soft moan slipping from his lips as he rocked his hips beneath Rath. “Yes. Oh, yes, Rath…so good.”

Watching the expressions slip across Jalil’s face added to Rath’s pleasure. Raising his hand, his fingers traced over Jalil’s features as his hips continued the gentle grind. When the sensations sharpened, a deeper, heated need rolled through Rath. The push of his hips repeatedly impaled him on Jalil’s cock as the rhythm of his body quickened. The feeling expanded inside him and he badly needed to feel it explode. Gasping, his fingers slid into Jalil’s hair before his lips covered Jalil’s.

Jalil opened immediately to the kiss and worked a hand between them, curling his fingers around Rath’s cock. As he stroked his fist up and down the hard length, he pushed up with his hips, cock thrusting in and out of Rath’s body in much the same rhythm his tongue fucked Rath’s mouth.

Rath completely lost it. The overwhelming welter of sensations whirled though him then exploded in a shuddering climax. An onslaught of pulses ruled his body and left him trembling uncontrollably as Rath strained against Jalil’s body and hand. His arms slid around Jalil as the muffled sound of his harsh cry rose between them. That seemed to be all it took to send Jalil careening over the edge. With several hard thrusts, he shouted Rath’s name, seed pouring deep into Rath’s body.

Rath ended the kiss and his forehead dropped to Jalil’s shoulder. Aware of the throbbing of the cock inside him and Jalil screaming his name, the feelings left Rath in awe. Inner muscles tightened, milking Jalil’s cock as Rath struggled to regain his breath and senses. Everything was new, and Rath felt vulnerably open to the entire experience.

As the tremors faded, Jalil slowed his movements and finally stilled, hands still moving slow and easy over Rath’s back, just petting. “Stay,” he murmured. “I will give you anything you want, if only you will stay here--in my bed, in my arms.”

Rath had connected to the man who had opened this world of sensation and pleasure to him. There was nothing Rath could do to even try to halt what was happening to him. He’d started out as Jalil’s captive and was ending up his lover. Raising his head, Rath didn’t even bother to deny what he himself wanted now. Far too intimately aware of the pressure still inside his body, there was no way in hell Rath would give it up. Or give up the chance to understand the world through Jalil’s eyes.

“No, I'm not leaving.”

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