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Part 2

Aleron watched the servants scurry about the main hall, their arms full of wine jugs and empty plates as they bustled endlessly from the hall to the kitchen, and back again. He was never really of a mind to pay much attention at all to the everyday goings-on in the king's court. While everyone else sat at the wooden tables, pinching a bit of flesh here and there as the serving women went by, Aleron's eyes might have watched them, but his mind was elsewhere. In Aleron's thoughts, he was kissing warm flesh while his fingertips danced along the length of his best friend's body, inciting all manner of sounds. In Aleron's fantasies, Darius wanted him, just as much as he wanted Darius.


The king's address snapped Aleron rudely out of his daydream. He looked up at King Aran. "Yes, your Majesty."

"Time has come for the lots," the monarch stated with no discernible emotion. "Pen a notice for each lord. I want accurate numbers."

Aleron nodded, swallowing the sheer dread that he felt. Tiberle was overcrowded, and in order to deal with the problem, King Aran instituted a kingdom-wide census. If the number was greater than he cared for, lots were drawn. All citizens, save for the royal family and a few of the higher nobles, were required to enter his or her name. The names would be drawn, and those unfortunate souls were then executed. It was a horrid system, but as a mere scribe, Aleron was in no position to argue.

"It will be done, Your Majesty." Quickly scurrying away, he left the throne room. Most everybody knew to have the numbers worked out ahead of time so it was merely a matter of stopping by the quarters of the King's five advisors. They always had a list of the names of the people they wanted to get rid of before the actual lots were drawn.

No more than a few moments later, he had all five sealed lists. Written on the outside of each envelop was the tally number for the names inside. Aleron's next stop was to see Darius, General of King Aran's army. One hundred and twenty-two would be drawn by lot.

Pausing inside the doorway of Darius' room, Aleron cleared his throat to get the General's attention. Trying hard to keep his wayward gaze from straying anywhere it shouldn't, he fixed his eyes on Darius' face. A moment later, Darius looked up at him and then smiled, motioning him inside.

"I have the sealed lists for the lots drawing," Aleron said as he handed Darius the envelopes.

With a heavy sigh, Darius took them and set them on his desk. He sat back down in his chair and uncorked the bottle of wine sitting on the corner of the desk. "Please, my friend. Come in and join me."

As he sat down in the chair opposite Darius, Aleron allowed himself the brief pleasure of taking in his friend's appearance. Darius' black hair was pulled back, held by a silver ribbon. Aleron had seen him in full armor many times, but he much preferred this side of his friend. Darius' dark brown pants hugged every inch of his muscular legs, and much more, should Aleron dare to look. The general's white shirt was loose and open to halfway down his chest, the ties left hanging. The opening gave Aleron the briefest glimpse of the dark hair that covered Darius' chest. He knew, from their times of swimming in the nearby river, that the hair tapered down, drawing a sensual line down Darius' body that disappeared beneath the waistband of his pants.

"Penny for your thoughts."

Aleron shook his head, tearing himself once more out of a fantasy that he had no business in. "Fear, I suppose," he said quietly, taking the glass of wine from Darius' hand.

Darius nodded. "Understandable. How have you been? I haven't seen you in quite a while."

"The advisors have been keeping me busy, though Laren has been taking exception to everything I do lately." Aleron shook his head; he wasn't sure what the problem was lately. Taking a sip of the wine, he savored the sweet flavor.

"Laren is a pompous ass. Now there's a name I would love to see executed, though it's little likely."

"If he could keep his head out of his ass long enough, I probably wouldn't have to do his work for him." Aleron muttered under his breath.

The rich sound of laughter brought Aleron's attention straight back to Darius. The amused look in the deep azure gaze held him spellbound for a moment. What he wouldn't do to see them staring at him down at him as Darius made love to him. Shaking his head, he had to clear that thought before anything showed in his expression.

"At least you don't have to put up with him, Darius." A wry smile twitched at his lips before he finished the wine and set down the empty glass.

"No, thankfully I don't. It's enough dealing with the deu'ats under me."

Aleron knew Darius left it unsaid about dealing with the one above him too. The walls could have ears, and King Aran took even the smallest remark as treason, depending on his mood. Many times, Aleron wished Aran had turned out more like his twin sister, Aras. Now there was a queen worth fighting for. As it was, however, he could not leave. No matter his position as scribe, he refused to leave without Darius. As his thoughts strayed back to the man so near him, Aleron tipped his head back and closed his eyes, feigning a moment of rest.

Darius watched Aleron with an unvoiced and almost painful longing. Twenty-three years they had known each other, since he was six and Aleron was five; but times change and young boys become men. Still, no matter the passage of time, Darius felt his affection growing ever stronger for his closest friend.

Aleron's chestnut hair hung loose upon his shoulders, the tips just barely reaching the belt around his waist. His dark green scribe's robe was trimmed in gold, which matched the golden hue of his hazel eyes. His finely chiseled features were delicate, like the finest painting in all of Aurora. Aleron was a work of art, and one that haunted every moment of Darius' life.

"Are you all right?" Aleron asked, breaking the silence.

Darius smiled as best he could, forcing images of that beautifully sculpted face staring up at him, rapture etched across it, from his mind. "Yes, just tired," he said. He met Aleron's gaze and felt his insides twist into knots. To kiss those lips would be the greatest moment of his life.

Aleron directed a look of concern at him. "You should be due for some time away, Darius. And I should probably do the same."

Giving him a carefully considering look, Darius said, "I like the idea. It's been a while since either of us have seen home. Maybe it's time for a visit."

The idea of staying in the quieter, remote region of Bar-Wyet with its tranquility held great appeal to Aleron. "I will see what I can get any nights free so that we can. I need to get back before Laren decides I've been gone too long. He wants me to finish transcribing the agriculture decats, and he expects it done in two days. I really need to get some rest though."

Returning the glass to its place, Aleron stood, giving Darius a bit of a smile before he headed out the door. Once out of his friend's presence, he let his thoughts wander where they willed. Just as always, whenever he did that, he found himself highly aroused. He knew he could ask Beraton to his room to ease things just as he’d done in the past, and he debated the thought as he moved down the corridor. Choosing to use the back stairs to avoid notice of any of the advisors, he headed to Beraton's room.

He lightly knocked at the door and waited for it to open. A tousled blonde head peeked out at him, drawing a smile from him. Light gray eyes peered out before the door fully opened. Clad only in a pair of loose green pants, Beraton had a body worth lusting over. Pale skin stretched over a muscular bare chest and his pants barely concealed his erection. His sleepy eyes already held a look of longing as he watched Aleron.

Without a word exchanged, Beraton gave him a nod and Aleron slowly walked further down the corridor to his own quarters. He walked inside first, knowing Beraton would wait a moment then join him. As soon as he had taken off his belt, Aleron looked up and smiled as Beraton closed the door behind him. The young man moved closer, brushing away Aleron's hands and pulling Aleron's robe over his head. Left naked to such a lusty gaze, Aleron shivered slightly.

"I think," Beraton whispered as he pulled Aleron closer, "that you get more tempting with each day that passes."

Before Aleron could utter a word, Beraton's lips met his and the young man's tongue slipped inside to caress over Aleron's. Aleron groaned as he felt Beraton's cock through his thin pants. As they kissed, he slipped a hand between them and untied Beraton's pants, pushing them to the floor. When he wrapped his fingers around that long, slender cock, Aleron was rewarded with a muffled moan. He smiled as he started to stroke the length, relishing the feel of a hard cock in his fist. Yet no matter how beautiful Beraton was, in Aleron's mind, he was Darius.

"Please," Aleron whispered as Beraton's lips descended down the line of his throat. He squeezed Beraton's cock tightly. "I need this."

Beraton pulled away, pinning a dark, lusty gray gaze on Aleron. Taking Aleron's hand in his, he pulled him to the bed. Aleron sat down and lay back, spreading his legs apart. Beraton crawled between them and leaned down to take all of Aleron's cock into his mouth. Aleron's hips left the bed as a soft gasp escaped him. He threaded his fingers through Beraton's hair, pulling and pushing his head as he fucked his mouth.

"My sweet Darius," he thought as he lost himself in the pleasure of the other scribe's mouth.

Those were the thoughts that flooded his mind, believing it to be the feel of Darius' mouth gliding over his cock. A hand cupped Aleron's balls, massaging them gently before he felt the inquisitive tip of a finger, sliding over the crack of his ass. It sent a shudder through him as his legs parted further and his hips arched from the bed. The sweet feel of that mouth played him with exquisite thoroughness and a finger entered him.

"Soon...oh, yes."

With the last word Aleron's body shuddered hard as the tension of his body snapped and he came. Eagerly swallowing it, Beraton's tongue quickly cleaned off his cock before he lifted his head. Without a word, his body slid across Aleron's slowly. Carefully, Beraton wet his hand and slicked it over his cock before his cock nudged against Aleron's entrance.

The rise of Aleron’s hips greeted the pressure as Beraton slid slowly into him. As he closed his eyes, Aleron's dreams were of the general. His hands slid downward to the back of his own legs to hold them as he rocked into the slow thrusts.

A deeper, stronger rush began to build within Aleron and as Beraton's thrusts grew harder, Aleron slipped over the edge, his body rocking against Beraton's as another, deeper orgasm tore through him. A moment later, Beraton made several hard thrusts into him and groaned, catching Aleron in a hard kiss as he came. Aleron relished the feel of the cock pulsing inside him, and only when Beraton pulled slowly from their kiss did Aleron finally relax.

"Damn," Beraton said, rolling off of him. He slipped an arm around Aleron's waist and pulled him close.

"Aye," Aleron whispered, still somewhat breathless. He kept his eyes closed as he imagined it was Darius beside him. He felt a twinge of regret, knowing Beraton would have been hurt by the notion, but it was not something Aleron could control. It wasn't something he wanted to control. As he drifted off to sleep, Aleron nuzzled close to Beraton, losing himself in yet another dream.

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