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Part 2

There was an advantage to his situation: Andre could bear the sunlight, even if in small increments. As it was, however, the sun was setting, dropping the city below the mountain into growing darkness. Here, outside the city, things weren’t as…hectic. Here he could rest for a bit, hunt.

Food. His stomach growled loudly, reminding him that he needed to eat. Tearing his gaze from the city below him, Andre shifted. In his true form, he was free--happy to run with the moon shining above him, silver light sparking along pitch black fur.

When the sun set, the earth beneath began to tremble then abruptly still. Whatever had caused it was unseen. An eerie silence settled throughout the small area, silencing the insects.

The sound of a soft chuckle betrayed the presence of someone nearby, and the sound seemed to surround the were before a voice came out of nowhere. "Eat. But do not leave this spot."

Sitting back on his haunches, Andre half-shifted. While his legs remained those of a wolf and a light dusting of black fur still covered his light brown skin, the rest of Andre was very much human. Fangs still down, he licked one absently, and when he spoke, his voice was deep, almost a growl.

"And if I do?"

"You will not like what is in these woods." The voice faded from the air, and another rumble sounded from the earth before it stilled several seconds later. The presence had gone, but for how long?

Eyes narrowed and stomach still growling, Andre shifted back into wolf form and began tearing into the doe’s slender body. He still listened, however, body tense and ready to bolt if needed.

When Andre had devoured a good portion of his meal; the small rumbling sounded again, revealing the returning presence. A question was fired at him, the tone sharp and suspicious. "Why is Dirk Raleigh hunting you, were?"

Andre tossed the carcass to the brush beside him. Shifting back to his half-form, he sat, licking the blood from his lips. "They say I should not live."

"Obviously, or he would not be waiting for you right outside my territory." The subtle dryness couldn’t be missed in the voice. "You cannot make it through the woods, and you can’t turn back. It does seem you have a serious problem, were."

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