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Part 2

Nodding to Bran, Reggie stepped back to let him in then turned to inform Kurt he’d arrived. When he saw Kurt standing on the stairs, he said, “I didn’t realize you’d come downstairs, sir.”

“I’ll take care of it, Reggie.”

Bran walked in and held out a hand to Kurt. "Good evening, Mr. Wilson. My name is Brandon Lords, Bran for short. I know I'm about half an hour early, but I figured I'd need time to get settled into my room before starting work."

Stepping forward, Kurt offered his hand to Bran. His smile held a smooth, amused edge as he firmly shook Bran’s hand. “I’m glad to see you came in early. I’d been planning on giving you time to get situated in your room before I set you to the grind stone. Steven isn’t going to be able to train you so the job falls to me.”

"Yes, sir," Bran said with a nod. "Before things go any further, I want to know for sure that you know what I am. The last situation ended...well, not well."

“That would depend. If it ended badly because you embezzled funds then no, I don’t know anything about that. If it had to do with you being an elf, I am aware of that, and I have no problem with it. If you have any problems under my employment with the issue, you have only to come to me and it will be severely dealt with.” Kurt came across as a no-nonsense business man.

For the first time since getting the job, Bran smiled. "Thank you." He hoisted his duffel bag on his shoulder and picked up his suitcase. "I'll only need a few minutes to get settled and then I'll be all yours." He practically bit his tongue off with those words, but he could no sooner take them back than he could deny that Kurt Wilson was quite possibly the sexiest man he'd ever seen. With short black hair in a nice business cut; a firm, muscular frame; and eyes the color of steel, Kurt was the embodiment of beauty.

A brow rose at the connotations Bran’s words could have, and a faint smile creased his lips. Other than that, he said nothing. “I’ll show you to your room.”

Turning to head back up the stairs, Kurt turned right at the second floor landing. “All private quarters are in this wing and on the third floor. Because you’ll be working for me, your room is across the hall from mine. I know you were told there would be times when we would work through the night. Your check will, of course, reflect any extra hours.”

Pausing in front of one of the doors, he opened it before he stepped aside to let Bran into the room. The suite of rooms included a small living area, bathroom, and bedroom, tastefully decorated in shades of green and cream. “Once you’ve settled in and decided at some point if you will stay in the job, we can have this room redone if you want.”

"Wow," Bran said as he walked into his new home. "I love it. I'll be down in about five minutes. Just need to get situated."

As Kurt walked away and headed for the stairs, Bran couldn't help but watch the man move. Oh. Now that was a fine ass.

Whether or not Bran proved to be the employee he needed, Kurt had yet to decide that. Realizing he’d forgot to tell Bran where the office, he turned back. Another glint of amusement flickered in his eyes when he noticed Bran seem to be staring at him. “When you come back downstairs, just come down the second hall to the right. My office is the third door on the right.”

Eyes widening in sheer embarrassment, Bran just nodded. "Yes, sir." He stepped into his room and closed the door, falling back against it. "That was stupid, Bran. Sexy or no, he's your boss now."


Kurt descended the stairs and went to his office. Employing an elf had been no problem for him. He understood the inherent problems others might have because elves attracted an attention all of their own, and generally of the lustful variety. There was something incredibly erotic about the lithe form of an elf, and Bran possessed his own form of charm. His silvery blonde hair, of a shade nobody had ever been able to reproduce in a bottle, would entice others to simply want to touch. Not to mention the intriguing shape of his pointed ears. Though Kurt hadn’t seen them, he knew they were there. He’d caught a hint or two in the lively glimmer of emerald eyes, and he’d be willing to bet Bran was a handful.

Shaking his head slightly, he knew it would no good to let his thoughts dwell on things like that. Bran had been hired as an employee. He would never force attention on employee in that manner.

A few minutes later, Bran knocked on the door frame. "I hope I'm not disturbing anything," he said. "You seemed to be quite lost in thought. I can come back if need be."

Broken out of his reverie, he looked up towards the door. “No, come on in, Bran. For today, I just wanted to give you the general basics of your job. Nothing too heavy since we have time to get you used to it all.”

Smiling, Bran walked in and settled into one of the overstuffed leather chairs in front of Kurt's desk. He'd come prepared and opened up a small notebook. Sliding the pen out of the spiral binding, he held it between his lips as he flipped through his random scribbling to find a blank page.

"Okay," he said, uncapping the pen. "Ready and waiting."

Settling back in his chair, his elbows rested on the arms and he propped his chin on his fingers as he eyed Bran. “In the morning, you’ll be sorting through all of the mail. I’ve a list here of what is considered important enough for my immediate attention. The rest is simply set aside for us to go through later if and when we have time. At the same time, you will be fielding phone calls. Most mornings are spent on just the mail. After lunch, you’ll be in the office with me. Taking dictation, and helping me work with whatever project I have going. It’s not that hard of a job, there's just quite a bit to learn about it.”

Bran remained quiet, just nodded as he took notes. When Kurt finished, Bran looked up at him. "There are some questions I did have," he said, slipping into his no-nonsense, fully self-confident mode. If he was going to work with this man, then he had to be upfront. He had to show himself as he was, and not just show an illusion.

Picking up the piece of paper, Kurt handed it Bran. The list contained twelve names that were categorized by their level of importance to his business dealings. “For the moment, you only need to worry about mail and calls I receive from those names.”

Pausing for a moment, he kept his gaze on Bran. “Feel free to ask any questions you want.”

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