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A Night in the Life

A short gay erotic romance by

Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael

When Pete saw the hand beckoning to him from a car window, he pushed off the side of the wall and moved closer. The car had pulled into the parking lot adjacent to the run down apartment building and Pete busily checked out the looks of the guy who tried to get his attention.

Resting his hands against the car door, Pete leaned down just enough to talk to the guy. "You want something?"

"Depends. How much?" Most of the man's face was in shadows, but the glow of a street lamp gave Pete a glimpse of black slacks, neatly pressed. It was clear, at least, that the guy was well-groomed.

Hedging slightly, Pete looked quickly around before he glanced back at him. "Sort of depends on what and where." He didn't recognize the guy as undercover but then that couldn't always be relied on.

The man leaned down and the light shone faintly on a square jaw, freshly shaven. Blue eyes held Pete's gaze. "I'll be upfront with you: I'm a cop." He held out a hand before Pete could move or speak. "But I'm not here to arrest you. I just want a night with you, at my home."

The simple word 'cop' froze Pete, and his first instinct was to get the hell out of there. When he saw the guy full face, his second thought had him wanting to take the man up on the offer. Very shortly after, Pete mentally castigated himself as every kind of fool. Could he trust the guy? Deliberately, Pete kept his voice extremely low just incase the man was on the up and up. "You're a cop and you want a date?"

"Yeah. How much for the night?"

A distinct hesitation turned into a stretched out silence as Pete stared at him. Beautiful blue eyes held his while Pete argued with himself. Hell, he would have done this guy for free if he didn't have rent due. Finally Pete drew a deep breath, figuring if he got arrested, he got arrested. "Two hundred for the night."

"You've got it," the man said. He leaned over and tore a sheet of paper from the small notepad on the dashboard. "Here's my address. Wait about fifteen minutes, then come on over."

Pete palmed the paper and nodded, straightening from the car. He didn't say anything to the guy, he just walked away. Leaning against the building again, Pete casually shoved his hands into his pockets not even paying attention when the car drove away. He still didn't know if the guy really wanted to date him or if he would be walking into some kind of trap.

When another car pulled up against the street curb, Pete didn't move. Instead Maria walked towards the car, strutting her stuff in full display. Maria had the best pair of tits Pete had ever seen on a man, though he wasn't really into that. None of her customers knew the truth either.

"You really a girl?" Pete heard the question as the guy in the car reached between Maria's legs trying to feel for himself.

In a purely business tone, Maria answered and her hand grabbed his, "Yeah, now you want a blow job, its fifty bucks. If you don't, stop wasting my time."

Figuring enough time had passed, Pete headed towards his car to keep his date with the cop. The idea of actually doing a cop gave Pete an oddly surreal feeling. Still he climbed into his car and pulled out the piece of paper to look at the address. He knew the street was only about a half mile away in a quiet, suburban area. Point one for authenticity for the guy having told the truth.

As Pete drove down the street he could feel the nervous flutter in his stomach. At any time, he could just forget this idea, but two hundred buck was two hundred bucks. And at least he didn't have to blow four guys in a damn alley to get it. Slowing the car, he needed the headlights to see the numbers of the houses on the mailboxes. When he saw 391, he deliberately drove a couple of houses past it before he pulled up to the curb to park.

Shutting off his car, he took a really deep breath before he got out and headed back towards the house. He could make out the neatly manicured lawn by the lamp posts that lined the path up to the front of the house. In a small part in the heavy curtains of a front window, Pete caught a glimpse of light.

It took a moment after he knocked on the door before the door opened. The man was wearing a pair of loose cotton, black pants and a dark blue t-shirt. His feet were bare and he stepped to the side to allow Pete to walk in.

"I'm glad you decided to come over."

"Wasn't sure if I'd walk into getting my ass arrested or what?" Pete stepped past the guy and turned, looking him over. "I mean a cop. That's a set up waiting to happen."

Smiling, he raked his fingers through brown hair a little longer than a cop's should be. "Told you I wasn't looking to arrest you. I'm off-duty. Can I get you something to drink?" He closed the door and headed into the spotless kitchen.

Still somewhat nervous about the whole situation, Pete remained by the door. Looking around the living room, he noticed the furniture was more expensive and better maintained than his own hole in the wall apartment. "A Coke or Pepsi. What's your name anyway?"

A large part of Pete's uncertainty came from the fact he hadn't been on the streets for more than a month, and this situation wasn't one he'd encountered before.

"Tony," the man called from the kitchen. He returned a few minutes later with two cold cans of Pepsi. "You can come into the living room, you know. I won't bite." He held out one of the cans, his smile genuine.

Well, the man did have him for the rest of the night since he was paying for the time. Pete took the can from him and opened it. "You're the one paying, Tony. We can do whatever you want. Though money up front."

Moving into the living room, Pete sat on the edge of the couch and drank the Pepsi.

"What's your name?" Tony asked, sitting down beside him. He was close, but not too close.

"Pete Roberts." Finally relaxing enough to seem at ease, Pete smiled slightly at him.

Tony nodded. "I know this isn't something you're probably asked much, but is there anything you won't do, sexually?"

Giving him a surprised look, Pete murmured, "You're right, I'm not asked that. Most want blow jobs. But to answer your question I won't do animals, and I won't do anything without protection.

"No worries there then," Tony laughed, the sound loose and easy, not condescending in the least. He finished off his Pepsi and set the can on the coffee table before getting up. He went to the bar separating the kitchen from the living room and pulled out a handful of bills. Returning to the couch, he handed them to Pete. "How about we start with a kiss?" he asked, sitting down again, closer this time, facing Pete.

After taking the money, Pete quickly counted it. "You've got three hundred here, Tony. You tipping or miscounting?"

Carefully he separated the extra hundred from the rest of the bills and turned towards Tony with the closer movement.

Tony reached out and slipped his fingers through Pete's hair, cupping the back of his neck. Bringing their faces closer together, he whispered, "More like hoping to become a favorite."

Quickly stuffing the money into his pocket, Pete opened his mouth to comment but found Tony's on his. For starters, Tony was definitely an odd customer. Most wanted to drop their pants, get their blow jobs and anything else they could get away then hurriedly leave. Not too many were into kisses or entire nights either. Pete could taste the sweetness of Pepsi and chocolate in Tony's kiss and his mouth tightened around the flavors.

Tony's other hand cupped Pete's face, long fingers stroking the line of his jaw. The kiss was slow but deep, Tony's tongue playing with Pete's, sweeping through his mouth slowly. It was a rare customer who wanted to get the prostitute off as well, and Pete had the feeling Tony was one of them. He'd never encountered one, but then he'd only been plying the trade for four weeks. When Tony ended the kiss, Pete blinked not quite sure what else to expect from this man.

"I want to suck you," Tony said quietly, one hand lowering to Pete's lap, popping the button on his jeans. "Rubbers are in the drawer of the coffee table." Both hands then slid up under Pete's shirt, tugging it over his head. "Fuck, you're gorgeous," he murmured, seconds before his lips closed around Pete's left nipple, sucking and nibbling gently.

Pete had the feeling this wasn't quite under his control. He reached over to open the drawer as Tony unzipped his jeans and his cock sprang free. Grabbing one of the packages, his hands were slightly shaky while he opened the rubber package and unrolled it over his prick. Fuck, his body reacted with a predictable rise even when Pete tried to control it.

Once he was sheathed, Tony gently brushed Pete's hands away and licked the tip of his cock. Then he pulled the head into his mouth, tongue sliding along the underside and his lips slid lower. He moaned softly, circling the base with his fingers, and started sucking, head bobbing in Pete's lap.

His eyes widened slightly watching Tony's head and feeling warmth of his mouth through the latex. Unable to still his reaction, an upward push of his hips thrust him deeper in Tony's mouth, and a soft gasp followed the motion. One of Pete's hands rested in the short curls before his fingers tightened slightly.

Tony swallowed around Pete's cock, nose burying in the curls at the base. He hummed and the vibration rolled through the hard flesh in his mouth, his fingers slipping down into the jeans to cup Pete's balls.

Okay, Pete could either stop him and get down to business or entirely lose his thought processes which is exactly what was happening. It became impossible to ignore the tension building in him, and the press of his hand to Tony's head kept up the rhythm sliding over his cock. With the vibrating sensation, Pete shuddered and a deep groan escaped him as he closed his eyes and came.

Only when Pete stopped shaking did Tony pull away. Then his mouth was on Pete's, tongue pushing in as Tony parted Pete's legs, kneeling between them.

Dazed and trying to come down in a hurry, Tony's kiss caught him off guard and he answered it more hungrily then he normally would have. His hand slid up into the short hair, holding to Tony's head.

Tony devoured him, mouth first. Tongue fucking Pete's lips, Tony somehow managed to get the jeans off with Pete's help. Then the cop's thin pants and shirt followed, and there was skin, nothing between them but growing heat. Tony's cock was hard, pressed to Pete's thigh, leaking.

After removing the used condom, Pete's fingers formed to Tony's cock, thumb smearing the pre-com over the head and his legs parted, giving Tony enough room to get in closer to his body. The bite of his teeth scraped over the tongue in his mouth before releasing it.

Tony shuddered and groaned, rocking his hips. "Tube of slick stuff in the drawer," he murmured, lips moving down Pete's jaw, tongue tracing a path over the arch of his throat. "Want inside, Pete."

"Do you want me on my knees or on my back?" Since the drawer remained opened all Pete had to do was reach in and grab another packet and the small tube. Waiting for him to answer, Pete quickly sheathed Tony's cock and uncapped the lube to smear it over him.

"Right where…" Tony's eyes closed slowly and his hips rolled a little into the touch. "…you are." He opened his eyes and caught the lube, getting two fingers slick before tossing the tube onto the floor. Then he propped himself on one hand while the other dipped down, fingers teasing over Pete's hole. His eyes never left Pete's as he slowly worked both fingers deep inside him, opening Pete up.

With a groan, Pete shifted down against the cushion, pushing Tony's fingers deeper and causing inner muscles to tighten around them. He really hadn't dreamed of this one happening to him and one thing was clear, Pete wasn't the one orchestrating the action. Pete hastily wiped his hand on his discarded shirt before his fingers curled around Tony's upper arms. His hips fucked against the fingers and Pete muttered, "Fuck, yeah, Tony."

"So tight, so hot…" Tony's fingers left and he was pushing his cock inside, the thickness stretching Pete open. "Oh, God," Tony groaned, gaze locked onto Pete's.

Staring back at him, Pete temporarily lost focus to the sensation filling him. His legs locked around Tony and the arch of his hips pushed harder to draw Tony more fully inside him. The burning stretch deep in him became a welcome, pleasurable feeling that drew a low series of groans from him.

Deep inside, Tony stopped. He didn't pull out immediately, just kind of rocked his hips, pushing without really withdrawing. Lowering his head, he licked Pete's lips, teased them softly with his tongue.

Expecting to be used and rather brutally, Tony yet against surprised him. Pete met the slow rock of Tony's body with a tighter grinding of his own. Parting his lips to the flick of Tony's tongue another soft sound escaped him before Pete's mouth sealed against Tony's. Finding himself reacting on a purely tactile, base level, Pete wanted even more from Tony.

Only when they started kissing did Tony begin to move, strokes slow and deep, all the way out and all the way back in. The kiss mirrored the rhythm; one of Tony's hands sliding down, fingers curling around Pete's hip, lifting him into each stroke.

The contractions of Pete's muscles and arching of his body, guided by Tony's hands, built a friction between them with each push inside him. A hand pinched gently at Tony's nipple then tugged before the other hand went for the left nipple.

"Fuck," Tony hissed, thrusts growing a little stronger, harder. "Pete…"

"Harder, Tony." Barely aware of the begging of his tone, twists of his fingers pulled at Tony's nipples and his breathing became more labored, feeling himself closer to the edge and desperate to tumble over it.

Pushing a hand between them, Tony captured Pete's mouth in a searing kiss and started thrusting harder and quicker. Grunts and groans filled the kiss, Tony's fist making quick, long jerks on his cock. The kiss silenced Pete's cry and his body strained harder to Tony's. With a sudden jerk, Pete came, heat spurting onto Tony's hand and wave after wave flooding him internally.

Tony groaned deep, thrusting hard one last time before his cock pulsed deep inside Pete, filling the rubber. Breaking the kiss for air, Tony's head dropped to Pete's shoulder, his breath coming in pants. Pete went limp against the cushions and one hand cradled Tony's head as he fought to catch his breath. Already the night had taken on an extremely unusual turn, leaving Pete uncertain of how to take things.

"Mm," Tony hummed softly, leaving soft kisses on Pete's shoulder. "How about a shower, dinner, and more fun in bed? I assure you it's much more comfortable than the couch."

Pete nodded to him. He tried to form words but to talk was beyond him so he simply followed along with Tony.

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