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Two bestselling novellas by two Phaze favorites, together in one volume!

The Power of Two: As a vampire Master, Dominic has been eyeing his old friend, Griffith for quite a while. But being a Master in his own right, Grif resisted the notion of Dominic controlling him in any way. With startling skill, Dominic sets out to change that refusal. He has his own deep interest in him, born of watching Grif's submission at the hand of another Master. Even though Dominic can't help but toy with his old friend, in truth, he wants him only as an equal. But how to convince Grif without letting his guard down is Dominic's biggest issue.

Aware of some of that interest but not the reason for it, Grif has his own secret. His trust had been violated by his own vampire Master, and since that night, he's refused to let another dominate him. And he'd swore to himself that no one ever would.

Dominion: Still dealing with the aftershocks of his ordeal at Tristan's hands, Griffith St. James is fighting the urge to withdraw completely. He feels guilty for what happened, less than a man. The nightmares of his torture at his former Master's hands are worse than ever. Dominic Marcellus struggles to draw Grif back into their life before Tristan, but fate has other plans.

Finding himself back in the clutches of his abusive former master, Grif is terrified and can only pray Dominic comes for him in time.


A black net shirt molded to his upper body like a glove to a hand. It outlined the movement of muscle as Grif's hand lowered to the front of his pants, brushing away an imaginary piece of dust. Smirking faintly, he took in the sight of the young man kneeling not too far away from him. The slave had the classic, delicate features Grif tended to favor. The slave's chocolate brown eyes were downcast as he waited silently for his new Master's orders.

Glancing at the vampire Master standing next to him, Grif said, "You won this time, Dominic."

Dominic turned his head slightly towards him, a spark of amusement in the azure depths of his eyes. Looking back to the young man kneeling before them, Dom leaned to the side to whisper in Grif's ear. "Perhaps next time, my friend." He moved slowly to the kneeling man and slipped a hand under his chin, lifting the slave's head slowly. "And such a pretty prize you lost, Griffith."

Grif shrugged and a slow sweep of his gaze wandered over the other vampire Master. Dominic held even more appeal than the slave, though Grif refused to admit that. Dominic possessed a piercing gaze that could look straight into a person's soul, and Grif had felt that effect more than once himself. "There will always be a next time. And I quite agree; he is a very pretty toy."

"And what shall I do with my newly-won toy?" It was unclear as to where the question was directed, and Dominic turned to flash a wicked grin at Grif, revealing the slightest hint of pointed teeth. A hungry gaze swept over Grif, as if Dominic favored toying with him over the young mortal for which they had been competing.

A brow crept upward and Grif's eyes narrowed slightly as he kept a steady gaze on Dominic. Folding his arms against his chest, he leaned back against the wall behind him. "Is that an offer to share?"

Dominic looked back down at the young mortal. "Perhaps." As he bent over to brush his lips across the mortal's, the leather of his pants tightened over his ass, reflecting the light from a nearby lamp.

Grif couldn't help but notice. For a brief moment, a darker gleam of his own interest flared within him, and he figured the action had been deliberate. A tightening to the front of his pants betrayed the slow stirring of his own body. "When you make up your mind, do let me know, Dominic."

Dominic straightened and turned slowly. His gaze drifted down Grif's body before sliding back up to his eyes. "Impatience, Grif?" he teased quietly. "Hardly like you." His blue eyes darkened and he smiled. "Or are you jealous?"

A careful calm descended over Grif as he remained utterly still, feeling the drift of Dominic's gaze like a touch. Smiling faintly, he appeared to be totally relaxed against the wall. Even though the sub was the type that generally interested him, he hadn't really looked closely at the young mortal still kneeling near Dominic. "I'm never impatient and you know that. Why would you think I'm jealous?"

Dominic left the mortal and slowly approached him. He placed his palms flat against the wall, on either side of Grif's head, and flicked his tongue quickly across Grif's lips. An almost imperceptible growl vibrated from Grif's throat with Dominic's close proximity. Before Dominic could withdraw his tongue, Grif bit at it. The other vampire pulled away then, but not before a darker desire reflected in his eyes.

"Please, my friend," Dominic said as he returned to the mortal. "Join me. Between the two of us, I'm sure we can find some use for this delectable young man before us."

2nd Excerpt
Tage knelt on one of the pillows on the floor. Each strike of the flogger and the accompanying sound from Jason made him squirm slightly. Completely naked, the influence the scene had on him was obvious, his cock twitching with every strike to Jason's skin. Tage tried to keep his movements unnoticeable since he'd been instructed to remain silent until Dominic ordered otherwise.

"Such sweet sounds," Dominic purred. "Wouldn't you agree, Tage? Is this not a fine sight before us?"

Jason's head fell forward and he wrapped his hands around the chains holding his arms to the cross. When Dominic's fingers slid down Jason's spine, Tage knew what was coming next. Every muscle in his body tensed, waiting for long fingers to push deep inside Jason.

"Yes, Jason," Dominic said as two slick fingers slid into Jason's ass. Jason gasped and rocked.

"Yes, Master. A beautiful sight." Tage nearly stuttered over the words as he swallowed hard. He had to bite at his lip as he watched Dominic's fingers enter Jason. Every frustrated muscle in his body ached and begged for release, yet he still held his position just as he was supposed to.

Fingers still deep, Dominic unlocked the restraints on Jason's wrists. He nipped at the sub's neck and chuckled. "Have a seat, Jason. Enjoy the show." As he withdrew his fingers, he pulled out a seat from between the bottom cross-beams.

Jason waited, breathing labored, as Dominic unlocked the cross' rotating platform, turning it until Jason was facing Tage. Then Dominic eased him down onto the chair, every inch of descent maddening as the dildo anchored on the seat slid deeper inside Jason. With his ankles still locked in place, he had no choice but to stay seated--full and breathless.

Then Dominic turned to Tage. "Come," he said, holding out a hand.

Dominic positioned Tage between Jason and the wooden cross, and strapped Tage's wrists up. Reaching up to the ceiling, he pulled down a black leather sling, suspended on heavy duty chains. After fitting it around Tage's back and shoulders, he pressed a button on the wall. The chains groaned and rattled as the sling was lifted. By the time he was done, Tage's legs were restrained as well, holding him open, his ass level with Jason's face.

"Now, since you two seem to greatly enjoy each other," Dominic said, "you should enjoy this. Jason, you are forbidden to come. Tage, however, is allowed--but only by your tongue. You may hold him open, but your tongue is the only part of you that will enter him."

"Yes, Master," Jason replied, looking up at Tage suspended before him.

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