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Karmic Payback
Tess is the biggest stumbling block to True Love in the history of humankind, and she’s about to pay dearly for the crime.
Cast of Characters

Licensed Magic
Illegal magic proliferates in a world where the government controls the use of magic. Lee Carson, Bureau of
Magic Special Agent, is undercover to gather evidence to bring the organized Underground Practictioners to justice.
Accepted into the highest level of the UP, Lee finds things aren't all they seem. Neither is her UP coworker, Atlantis.
Cast of Characters

After Life
In a world where a place in heaven is assured by dollars, the divide between the rich and poor grows more heated. Paradise has been created and perfected by the Christof-Toynbee Corporation.
For the two families who created the CTC, the problems are more personal. A child will turn against a parent, a parent is forced to choose between money and his child, and another father must drag his only child into a revolution that could get them all killed.
Marlowe Christof and Rhea Toynbee struggle with the issues their parents’ corporation has brought to the world. But even they don’t know the full truth.

Mondays Childe, A Serial Killer and Her Doll
Some girls just wanna be serial killers. Monday and her doll, try their best to reach the highest levels of the Serial Killers Regent Elite West aka SKREW. Doll does her best to train Mondays, but sometimes you just have to work it on the fly.

Mondays' best friend, Luna, just wants to be a doctor. However, her mother and sisters insist on her living up to her witchhood.

Mondays' next best friend, The Count, wants to be a mage. His younger brother, CJ aka Count Junior, is the one who wants to be 'The' Count.
The evil overlord Horvath, newly arrived in Haunted Hollows, wants to wreck havoc on their plans. That is, in between his attempts to kidnap Monday's thirdest best friend, Princess Polly Anna Raven Desiree Melody Sky Blue Pink. Otherwise known as Princess PP.

With everything going on, will Mondays, Luna and The Count ever be able to get what they want? What about Princess PP? Will she steer clear of all of Horvath's machinations? Will she get her hands on The Count?

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My boy/boy love and romance side
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This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the product of the author's deranged imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

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