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Princess and the Good Guy
When a Cree asks for the help of Ker and his band of mercenaries, the adventurers get more (and less) than what they bargain for.

The Letter
Have you ever asked yourself, what if?

A Not So Perfect Eternity
Anna and Marcus have been together for almost a year. During that time, the club Marcus owns had been buzzing with rumors flying. the longer they stayed together, the worse the rumors go around. The odds in the bet books were growing in favor of Marcus dumping Anna, and real soon. In this atmosphere Marcus' ghoul and lover, Anna sets up a scheme with her friend, Shaun, to prove Marcus' fidelity once and for all.
Shaun deliberately comes onto Marcus while Anna watchs from behind the two mirror of the club. To Anna's dismay, Marcus disappears with Shaun to his upstairs private apartment. Fuming at the betrayal, it doesn't help matters when one of Marcus' old lovers, Kevin, rubs things in. Realizing, perhaps a little too late, the seriousness of his mistake, Anna is left with her own imaginings as to what Shaun and Marcus are doing.
What's an elder vampire to do with a disobedient ghoul that tests his fidelity and patience? Anna is about to find out why one never challenges their vampire owner.
Short, complete

Heat of Life
A chance encounter between neighbors' pets leads to some unexpected passion between Marc and Penny. (Graphic sex involved)
Short, complete

The Chosen
Jericho is on a mission. To save the people of Nar-Pel from a malevolent demon, he must travel to the forbidden Irewin Forest. His journey becomes far more completed when he unexpectedly saves a slave from the Priests of Hernal.

Lord of Dark Vail
A part of the Aurora series, not sure if it will be a short story or book. Explores the vampiric land of Aurora through the eyes of dark fae mage Arcarcia when she's enslaved by Lord Teris Sariette.
At 23,000 words. Will post once I've gone over it

Tales from the Court of Heaven
A short story involving an arch angel and ex 1st formula vampire from the Legends of the Romanorum series. No, we won't name names.
Will post after I've gone over it.

Unlikely Alliance
A short story involving Cian's brother, Lee, and the Prince of London's assassin. A short based on the Legends of the Romanorum series.
Will post after I've gone over it

Every night since Bethany was four years old, she's watched the shadow form of a killer creep closer and closer to her. Her only sanity is a strange link with Stephan. A man she's never meet, and the only one who can save her. Not complete

The Stripper
Gloria Valley gets dragged out for a night of fun on the town. What she encounters is far more than she's ever dreamed of in her wildest imagination.

The Prince's Enforcer
A girls' night out leads to an unexpected encounter with the Prince of San Diego's enforcer. What happens when clueless secretary comes up against a battle scarred vampire?

Night Song
One night in the arms of his love is all Orion Blaze wants or needs. He would give everything to her, and would do anything to have her. But how long will it take?
Short, complete

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