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Please remember these stories have NOT been heavily edited.

A Cowboy's Night Out
A complete short with Adrian and Jamie from The Cowboy and the Thief

A Legend in Time
A Carmichael twist on Sleeping Beauty. Complete short.

An Elf in Need
When Bran hires an elf, he founds himself in an unusual situation.
Complete/3 part short

A Night with Cian and Mael

A Night in the Life
For Pete, a prostitute on the streets, this night will be unlike any other in his life. Complete short.

A BDSM Story
Stranded by the death of his previous master, and untrained in anything but menial skills, it's not likely one young man will find much help in a caravan heading to Sycis.
Short, not finished yet

The Prince and his Enforcer
Relations between Princes and their enforcers are heavily frowned upon, and it causes innumberable problems for Prince Daniel and Phoenix.
5 parts, complete.

Tomb Robber
Stefan Dag needs a little help. He has no clue what kind of artifact he's stolen. When he enlists the aid of Kerran Ramsey, Stefan finds the enigmatic historian more than willing to help; infact, Kerren is downright forceful about it. Both have secrets they want kept hidden. Can either of them reveal enough about themselves to build a relationship?
4 parts, complete.

Lost Child
Nicodemus Wolfe has his hands full, dealing with the arrogant young vampire who only wants Nico in bed. The closer Luc gets to Nico, the more likely past secrets will be revealed. Something Nico must protect both himself and Luc from.
3 part, complete.

Dark Pain of the Night
This is a short story, involving the wild imaginings of two maniacal authors. Believe me.

His kind aren't suppose to exist. Hunted on both sides by were and vampires alike, Andre runs for his life. Finding sanctuary within the Rockies, Andre hides from the vampire hunting him.

His presence disturbs a very ancient creature, one who doesn't allow any others to disrupt his peace. And one who has the power to save or destroy Andre.
4 part, complete

Sir Brittney of Spears
This story is a serious attempt on the part of Myc and myself to write as many historical inaccuracies as we can. They include, but are not limited to, The Nelson twins (Gunnar and Matthew, as far as I know Admiral Nelson had no twin(s).), bank accounts, Gucci, de Sade, and an inordinate male interest in wallpaper and Hepplewhites. The story takes place in the Regency period in English history.
It's not yet complete, but enjoy what we have.

Lessons In Writing
3 part, complete short about a visit between 2 authors.

Everybody dreads the time of Lots in the kingdom of Tiberle. This time, however, it becomes a personal matter to the head of the King's army, General Darius. His best friend Aleron is one of the ones chosen to die. It's a race against time to save the life of his best friend and his own.
4 part, complete

Why would the most feared man in Sycos stop a slave's execution?
2 part, complete

Order of the Black Rose
Nick Adair is a trader who belongs to a mysterious cult. When he is forced to deal with Dale Green, a weak wizard, Nick ends up in trouble way over his head. What starts as intense dislike unexpectedly turns into a passionate affair - all thanks to treason.
Complete short

When Queen Sorei of Andulus calls on the wizard Silver to help her with her son, Silver finds himself in the middle of one hell of a situation. An unexpected attraction to Prince Jarek forces Silver to come up with his own scheme to keep the Prince safe from the Queen's machinations.
3 part, complete

Stone Towers
Hunted by an obsessive lady in waiting, the length of Nikolai Conis' life is in debate. There's no place for him to hide and very few who will shelter him. Desperate, he enlists the aid of a wizard, Aaron Dane.
Aaron Dane proves to be an extremely stubborn man who gives far more help than Nikolai wants. Drawn together by circumstances beyond both of their control, can either of them fix the main problem before she gets her hands on Nikolai?
Based on the Aurora world. 4 part, complete

The Haunted Manse
Vincent has grown tired of life and its never ending stream of deaths around him. Seeking peace in an old rundown manse, he unexpectedly comes across the miracle that might just save his unlife.
7 part novella, complete

The Slave Trade
Kidnapped by Lord Jamil, Rath finds himself in the midst of decadent luxury and sin. Can he get past his own inhibitions and give in to the pleasure Jalil promises? Another short story based in the Magic and Pagan world of Aurora.
Short, complete

Hard As Diamond
Secrets that can get one killed are rife in the world of Aurora as the mage, Ross, and royal advisor, Diamond are about to find out. 2 part, not finished

Blood Beginnings
Khasekhemwy, Diocourides, Nikolai and Gabriel. Each has their own unique story to tell. Enter the world of ancient Egypt and Khasekhemwy's struggles to serve his god and goddess, Osiris and Isis. When war looms, Khasekhemwy must use his magic and his life to help defeat the evil Seth from destroying the golden god, Osiris.
At 76 years of age, Diocourides perfected the formulas for creating vampiric beings. Several centuries later, he hunts for others to share the power with. Teaching and loving the first of his children isn't as easy as he'd hoped it would be.
No more than a young slave living under the shadow of the glorious Rome, Nikolaus' life is no more than drudgery. Until a stranger offers him something far beyond what he has ever known. To become the powerful creature he wants to be, Nikolaus must first free himself from the man who created him.
Tricked into drinking the blood of the second formula, Gabriel finds his entire life taken away by the man who brings him into a world he never knew existed. From the European middle ages to 1900's California, Gabriel's path isn't an easy one. Only a great strength and determination will free him from a harsh Father and allow him to carve out his own life in a new world.
This isn't complete at this point, but I'll get everything I have posted as soon as I can.

Love and the Straight Gay
Todd Jacobs' boyfriend, Elliot, walks out on him after a two year relationship. A straight-acting 9-5 accountant, Todd's done his best to blend in with the conservation notion of being gay. It's what Elliot wanted, but apparently it wasn't enough. Todd has no clue why Elliot just left him.
Working himself up enough to get pissed, Todd goes out for a drunken binge. Halfway into his version of a bender, Todd meets Loren. Loren Spears is a proud, in your face, gay man, who isn't adverse to a romp in the sack with Todd. Deliciously wicked, Loren teaches Todd a thing or two about the advantages of sex in other places besides a bed.
Sometimes, all a man on the rebound needs is a good one-night stand, but what happens when it grows into something more?
Myc is trying to decide exactly what to do with this.

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