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Drowning in the political intrigue of the world of vampires, Adrian Debrett knows he's in over his head. Even though his power is growing, Adrian still has to stay one step ahead from everyone who would use him as a pawn for their own gain, human and vampire alike. Political intrigue forces him to side with Prince Gabriel to protect Gabriel's territory from the encroachment of opulent and debauched vampire Nikolai.

When his alliance with Gabriel becomes known, the mortal world slowly begins to close itself off from him, leaving Adrian stranded in a world he has yet to accept. As the lines blur, Adrian finds himself changing with them. Every choice Adrian makes has a price attached to it, but will he be able to pay the price and not lose himself completely?


"You’re getting on my last nerve, Charlie." Adrian met the imperturbable ice blue gaze as Charlie tried to cajole Adrian into going along with what he wanted. Most times, Adrian thought it was cute when Charlie tried it, but definitely not tonight.

"What’s the problem with putting Adam Trent to sleep?"

"I don’t do serial killers. I help the restless dead on their way to the great beyond, but I have no sympathy for serial killer wraiths. It’s a firm guide rule of mine."

"He’s within your ten-limit slot for tomorrow night, Adrian. The state is paying really well, way above the normal fee for this one. They want him gone. I’d think you’d want him gone like the rest of us."

Charlie was the type that, if you gave him an inch, you’d be in New York City by sunset. He made a hell of a secretary, but his meddling sometimes drove Adrian up a wall.

"Nice try, Charlie, but I’m not buying. Tell them to call Dakota, he can handle it. The state is damn lucky to have two guides who can." Adrian knew his old mentor would be more than happy to do the work.

"Dakota is on vacation. Donovan Correctional wants Trent out of their hair tonight. There are quite a few seers there."

"Remind me again who’s boss and who’s secretary here. They’ll wait for Dakota or contact Karl in Arizona."

"You’re the boss, and I’m the obedient drone."

Picking up the newspaper on his desk, Adrian scanned the front page, ignoring Charlie for the moment.

"Front page looks like a Who’s Who of the supernatural." Charlie relaxed in his chair, commenting on the article as Adrian read it.

"Yeah, I see. Voting whether ghosts have any rights or not is up in front of Congress. Looks like the newest legislation gunning for the dead is front page news."

"Well, the government has its hand in everything: guides, were creatures, vampires, no exceptions. The most they can do with the dead is deal with the vampires, since they can see them. Think it’ll pass?"

The newspaper, proud in its political correctness, used the term ‘wraith’ and not the incorrect ‘ghost.’ Ghosts didn’t care either way. It made Adrian wonder why they didn’t insist a vampire be referred to as the living impaired. "Senator McCabe is backing it, but I still doubt it’ll go through. The dead can’t vote, and that’s all that really matters to way too many of them."

Once he was sufficiently up on the news, Adrian tossed the paper in the trashcan before checking his desk calendar for whatever he had next on his agenda.

"Damn." Adrian had forgotten the Mayor’s big public relations event. Charlie had sent his acceptance to the Mayor’s office before he gave Adrian the invitation. Adrian didn’t want to go, but this was one of the times an inch got him to New York City. Charlie thought he needed a night out.

"Yeah, I was just about to remind you it’s time to head out and get ready for the Mayor’s party."

As disgruntled as Adrian felt about the party, Charlie almost had a book tossed at his head before he disappeared out the door.

Checking his watch, Adrian realized he had to be there in less than a half an hour. Groaning again in annoyance, he grabbed his pack and list of appointments and dashed out the door.

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