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Blood Ties' Adrian Debrett is back, and his life is more complicated than ever. Between being protector of several werecats, ghoul to Prince Gabriel and companion of the Mummy Xander, his extra curricular activities take up more time than his night job of guiding ghosts into the beyond.

Things get even more complicated when Ash, the son of a rival vampire, shows up, intent on mixing it up with Gabriel's son Skye, and a work rival tries to frame one of the werecats for murder to get back at Arian. Throw in Gabriel's ex-lover, Ash's vampiric Father, and a pair of Egyptian gods, and it's a wonder that Adrian can get anything done.

Action packed and full of magical intrigue, you won't want to miss a moment of Blood Magic.


"It's my only day off, and I'm not watching a bunch of busty blondes cavort on my TV." Adrian had gotten a little tired of seeing it. After he glanced around at the motley crew taking up residence in his living room, he sighed and headed for the couch to plop down. He grabbed the remote control from Kyle, and the werecat stretched out, propping elbow and head in Adrian's lap. With the remote under his control, Adrian switched channels to the Cartoon Network just in time for the start of Scooby-Doo.

"I ain't complaining." Kyle smirked at Adrian over his shoulder. Of course he wouldn't complain; Kyle was in his favorite place, Adrian's lap. Whether in animal or human form, he had the patented 'kitty look' every time he wanted to be petted. Those beautiful baby blues remained fastened on Adrian as Adrian's fingers ran though Kyle's golden hair.

"We've seen this one fifty million times, Adrian. How 'bout changing the channel?" Indy grumbled, as she settled on the other side of Adrian, her hand petting over Kyle's hair. Ever since Adrian had saved Kyle's life and taken him in, everybody had gotten used to his weretiger tendencies of wanting to be petted and in close contact, even Indy, which said a lot given she was a vampire. The diminutive brunette was in residence at Adrian's apartment more often than she was at the club her Father owned. It surprised Adrian, but Gabriel hadn't said anything about his daughter's behavior.

For Kyle's part, he had calmed when in the presence of vampires.

Sarah and Michael, the other two weres, who had been sprawled on the floor in front of the TV, moved to their hands and knees, crawling toward Adrian and Indy. They wanted the same attention Kyle had. Adrian hadn't minded taking in the other two six months ago, and he still didn't mind. He'd gotten used to their habits and being used as an occasional kitty commune focal point. He was happy with those who had chosen to stay by him. Most of his old friends had deserted him because of suspicions about his relationship with the vampire Prince, Gabriel. The one whose desertion stung the most was an old family friend and the mayor's office's supernatural liaison, Gray, who had become less and less friendly to Adrian.

"Scooby again?" Wolf piped in, as he came out of the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn in one arm and Allie on the other. It had only taken them thirty minutes to fix the popcorn; last time it'd taken them over an hour. Adrian didn't think his kitchen was the place for romantic interludes between the vampire son of Prince Gabriel and a mortal witch, but what the hell. He hadn't cared much for the idea of romance between a vamp and his best friend, but it was obvious they were in love with each other. The tall, dark-haired, sunglasses-wearing vampire and the red-headed, fair-skinned woman fit each other in both temperament and personality. Most people likened Allie to a pocket Venus; Adrian preferred to call her a short little shit.

"So enjoy the fifty millionth and first time. Now shush, all of you." Nobody could talk while Scooby was on. Adrian was a diehard fan and openly admitted it. His Scooby memorabilia and avid show watching were testimony to that.

Sylvia, who was curled up on the other side of the couch, kept quiet. He'd never regretted hiring her several months ago to help him in the guide business. Though she did look rather tired, and might or might not have a few regrets signing on with Adrian. Noting her wan features and messy brown hair, Adrian figured he'd better talk to Charlie, his secretary, about giving her some time off. While she might prefer jeans and T-shirts like Adrian did, Sylvia didn't step out of her house without makeup and hair in place.

Thankfully, everybody fell silent, and quiet reigned for the first half of the show. Indy propped herself against Adrian's side, while Michael curled around Adrian's leg and Sarah curled up to Indy's leg. Allie was ensconced on Wolf's lap as everybody passed around the bowl of popcorn and watched the show.

A pool of darkness formed near the front door. Two seconds later, Gabriel and his vampiric son, Skye, stepped from the shadows. Adrian's ghoul senses picked up the scent of Gabriel's blood. The immortal Prince of San Diego had the face of an unholy angel and the body to match. Adrian had done his best to resist the blue-black strands of hair curled at Gabriel's neck and the mesmerizing, dark gaze, but he was fighting a losing battle. As always, the faint, seductive curve of Gabriel's smile and knowing look in the blue eyes hinted at a more intimate knowledge of Adrian than Adrian wanted to accept.

The fair-haired Skye took up residence near the front door as Gabriel approached Adrian. Trying to ignore the twinge of hunger, Adrian smiled at Gabriel before looking back at the TV. That he semi-dated the vampire, and was also Gabriel's ghoul, was something he tried to keep from most everybody outside this room.

"I should know better than come over during Scooby." Gabriel's tone sounded dry as he motioned with one hand. The movement made the others scramble away from Adrian to leave space for Gabriel. He noted Adrian's reaction and approached Adrian, holding his hand out. "But I think I have something that might make up for taking your attention away from your favorite show."

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