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Chei, G, and Lil are a rising star band. G and Chei share an on again/off again fuck buddy relationship, and everything is fine. That is until G decides he wants to try to have a serious relationship. Instead of choosing wisely, G chooses Geoffrey, a fan with a nasty temper.

Chei has always been in love with his childhood friend, G, but realizing there will never be anything serious between them, he starts dating their mutual friend, Robbie. As things begin to fall apart between G and Geoffrey, Chei falls in love with Robbie. How in the heck will they be able to untangle the messes that have been made?


Later the next day, Chei stretched out on the lounge chair, idly watching G and Lil goof around in the pool. They were both in good moods and their light-hearted fun remained unmarred by their sporadic bickering. A couple of their neighbor friends, Robbie and Bear, were hanging out with them. It was the start of summer, and the first day hot enough for swimming.

Chei's gaze lingered over the compact form of G's body as it glistened with droplets of water. Chei had long ago acknowledged his own feelings about G. They'd been friends all their lives, and Chei wasn't even sure when he'd actually fallen in love with G. G's appetite for innumerable partners didn't really bother Chei, though. No matter who came into the picture, they had always ended up back together. He realized he wanted something more permanent; however, he was willing to wait until G came to the same conclusion. Chei had dated others off and on, but no one had interested him long enough to take seriously. It was nearly impossible to ignore what he felt about G, and Chei had come to accept that. He just kept it to himself because he wasn't sure how much his best friend was ready for.

Closing his eyes, he felt the heat of the sun warming his skin. Today he was simply being lazy and enjoying it. Tonight Lil was going out on a date, and G was staying home, so Chei didn't plan on going out. He listened to the playful bantering between the others as Lil scored a hit over G and Robbie.

"Now who's the best? Huh?" A loud splash of water followed Lil's crowing then a shriek of laughter. "I'm gonna get you for that, G!"

"Will you two stop screwing around?" Bear ribbed them good-naturedly.

"Game over. We won," G declared.

"Oh, hell no, we won," Robbie quickly refuted.

Chei opened one eye and saw G and Lil wrangling in the water. It appeared Lil had the upper hand. When G went under for the second time, Chei chuckled. Lil flailed wildly then disappeared under the water, too. G came up, hands wiping his sopping burgundy hair out of his eyes. G waded toward the edge of the pool, but before he could get to Chei, Lil tackled him and they both went under again. Lil declared victory when he came up for air then headed for the pool ladder. G's hand appeared at the ledge of the pool, and he hauled himself up and out of the water.

Chei knew what G expected and slid off the lounge chair to pad over to the pool. He settled behind G and wrapped his arms around the slim waist, feeling the slight chill of G's skin against the warmth of his own.

"You gonna get in?" G rubbed a hand up and down Chei's thigh.

"Umm, no. Not in the mood." Chei encircled G's neck, pulling the man back against his shoulder. "Debating about getting some ice cream more than getting into the pool."

Lil grabbed the towel hanging off one of the loungers and wrapped it around himself before he headed back into the apartment building with Robbie and Bear.

" cream." G turned his head a little and peered up at Chei somewhat upside down. "Gonna go out? Or grab whatever we got here?"

"We've got butter pecan and chocolate in the freezer."

"Oh..." G's smile was immediate. "Butter pecan. Hell, yes."

"So I thought. It's why I bought it." Chei stood and held out his hand. "I'm pretty sure Lil has already gotten into the chocolate."

Soon as he was on his feet, G pressed close enough for their lips to nearly touch. "Know what I want?"

"That can wait until after we've had ice cream." Chei smirked before he released G's hand and walked toward the apartment.

"Asshole," G muttered.

They stepped into the house and G headed for the bedroom as Chei went into the kitchen. Lil was already working on the chocolate ice cream--no surprise there.

Chei dished out two bowls of butter pecan then walked back to the bedroom. Casting an appreciative gaze over the naked G, he murmured, "Service with a smile."

"Hmm?" G looked up at Chei in the mirror. "Oh, cool! Thank you, babe."

Chei set the bowl on the dresser and casually slapped the bare curve of G's ass then sauntered back to the kitchen.

"Tease!" G shouted.

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