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This is the first book in The Karma Trilogy. The 2nd book Karma Times Two will be released in Jan 2015. Good Karma, Bad Karma will be released Apr 2015.

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Tess Slade is an ordinary person in a world of gods, goddesses, ghosts, vampires, weres, dragons, and wizards. A world Tess had no clue existed until a Greek god, with the odd name of Karma, drags her into it.

When she finds out she has a bizarre form of immortality, Tess tries to keep a sane head as she is forced to body hop and help complete strangers with their problems. As if that weren't bad enough, she must hunt down ghost renegades and try to stay alive among a host of gods and goddesses who would rather see her dead.

To make amends for her mistakes in her past lives, she has to accept Karma’s help, even though most of the time she wants to kill him.

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